I Do...But I Won't Wear That Ring

   By drodriguez  Feb 26, 2012

Maybe you never take it off, maybe you slip it on occasionally, or maybe you’ve decided to forgo the wedding band all together. How you wear (or don’t wear) the ring comes down to personal reasons and taste.

Traditionally, there are many customs involved in marriage and the idea of not taking part in one of the biggest, the exchanging of rings, may sound shocking to some. But many men and women of today are choosing to forgo the rings, feeling no need to wear jewelry to symbolize their love. A report from Huffington Post lists 5 famous non-ring wearers who see no need to sport a band.

Prince William caused quite a stir when he revealed he would not wear a ring after marrying Kate Middleton because he simply does not like to wear jewelry. Will Smith rarely wears his and Christina Aguilera was not usually seen with one during her marriage. Meredith Vieria also goes without the bling as well as new doting dad Jay-Z.

Some feel those who refuse to wear wedding rings may have an ulterior motive or may just not be ready for marriage. Amy Sohn, from New York Magazine, discusses how she feels her non-wedding band wearing male friends abstain from wearing the ring so they can more easily flirt with single women. Sohn writes, “Let’s call a spade a spade. Isn’t the main reason all these guys go ringless so that they can flirt with unwitting single women?”

Did you and your spouse decide to exchange wedding bands? How often do you wear your ring?

Do you think people who don’t want to wear wedding bands have an ulterior motive or is it simply a matter of taste?

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MeghanBailey by MeghanBailey | ELKO, NV
Mar 02, 2012

I don't think this is a trivial issue in a marriage. My husband does not wear his ring, he works construction and does not want it to get damaged, also around other machinery, if it were to get caught on something, it could be ghastly! I wear mine some times, I lost quite a bit of weight and it is now too large to fit snuggly, basically... it falls off.... Neither one of us has issues regarding whether or not the other is wearing the ring... we are secure in our feelings and our marriage, all that other stuff is just that... stuff

ChrisinPa by ChrisinPa | BRODHEADSVLLE, PA
Feb 29, 2012

We were just married two weeks ago on Valentine's Day and exchanged rings during our ceremony. We are proud to wear them but I think they are put away more than they are on because of our jobs. It doesn't mean that we are tryng to send a different message or that we are less committed. We just want the rings to be worn when there isn't a risk or losing or damaging them. When we go out we always mention the rings so that we don't forget to wear them.

typninmypjs by typninmypjs | HASTINGS, MN
Feb 28, 2012

We exchanged rings when we got married. My husband wears his everyday and hardly ever takes it off. I, on the other hand, hardly ever wear mine. I am involved in martial arts and can't wear jewelry while I'm there (which is pretty much every evening) and I'm also not allowed to wear jewelry at work, so I just don't even think about putting my ring on anymore. It does NOT mean I'm looking to flirt. I've been married for 8 years, and my husband is the only one for me!

adams022 by adams022 | Newton, NC
Feb 28, 2012

We both exchanged our rings during cerimony. He has to take his off during his job but he puts it back on after work. I usually take mine off to put lotion and stuff on but I don't go without mine.

boarderchik05 by boarderchik05 | Rigby, ID
Feb 28, 2012

I love my ring and wear it almost everywhere. However, when I was pregnant my hands would swell so bad I would have to take it off when they started to swell so I stopped wearing it for a while. Now that baby is born, I wear it all the time. My husband however is an electrician and can't wear his at work for safety reasons. He usually wears it when he we are out. However, it doesn't bother me when he doesn't wear it because I know he is committed to me and he makes sure everybody he talks to know he is married and has a baby. We are in our mid 20s.

Lusadi by Lusadi | Wasilla, AK
Feb 27, 2012

My husband and I exchanged wedding bands. I don't think either of us wear them all the time. I often cannot wear them due to pain in my hands. Even though the ring is a simple band, it is very uncomfortable for me. We also do not wear them when participating in martial arts. I find that we leave them home more than we wear them out. It has no impact on the strength of our marriage or how faithful we are to each other. It's just the way it is right now.

kokomojo by kokomojo | Winston, OR
Feb 27, 2012

I got a beautiful ring set when we got married. I was working in a doctor's office and between snagging people and never knowing when I'd get into something I didn't want my ring subjected to, I took it off and only wore it for "special occasions". Eventually, I didn't wear it at all. But... I wanted to wear a sign of our commitment. We redid our vows 2 years ago and my husband bought me a simple 14 k band - like his only smaller - and we exchanged that ring and his original at that time. I haven't taken the band off since and have not intention of doing so.

czechdoll1 by czechdoll1 | PALM COAST, FL
Feb 27, 2012

I always wear mine but my husband lost his a few years ago. I know he misses his and we will replace it. I presonally don't think the ring itself makes any difference if the person is committed to the marriage. I never take mine off and prefer to wear it but for some people the ring makes no difference.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Feb 27, 2012

It's a personal decision. Just because you do or don't wear a ring doesn't indicate how faithful you will be to that other person. To me, I never take mine off. I have been married 28 years and my ring is of great sentimental value to me.

noelrocs by noelrocs | LANCASTER, SC
Feb 26, 2012

I used to wear mine every day until my entire bridal set got lost/stolen on valentine's day the other year... after that, I was scared to wear it in public anymore. I don't know how it disappeared while we were out, but it really, really hurt me :( I'm sentimental. So, now, I only wear mine on special occasions. My husband wears his every day. My bff and her husband never wear theirs and never have; we're all in our late 20s. I don't think that people who forego wearing a wedding band are up to no good; I think it's just a personal preference.

JustAddCoffee by JustAddCoffee | CROWN POINT, IN
Feb 26, 2012

Would never take mine off!