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  • TheSmallThings By  TheSmallThings    

    I Coloniali products are designed to offer and experience of beauty which embraces the body, the senses and emotions. They provide both natural nutrients and bring peace of mind to your body. I Coloniali,the iconic Italian bath & body brand has launched a Men's Rituals line of products! Men's Rituals is a collection of shaving and men's skincare products. These products are made with natural ingredients such as mango and rhubarb. My husband was lucky enough to be able to receive a few items for review! Jon received the IColoniali Shaving Balm, IColoniali Aftershave and Illipe Butter Soap! The soap just makes him smell delicious! They are known for their very distinctive fragrances and well, let me tell you that they are correct because when Jon was showering I could smell this soap from the bedroom! His own words " I liked the soap and it really made me feel clean and smell great. The soap lathered up well and didn't leave and soap residue!" The next item out of the collection is the shaving balm! My husband just loved this and it smelled so amazing as well! This facial and shaving balm with Mango kernel oil comes in a white White glass jar 100 ml - 3.5 fl. oz. Before shaving: apply on face before shaving soap. After shaving: apply on face and gently massage. I stood there at the bathroom door and watched him use it, he said that it made his face feel really smooth and he loved how it felt on his skin. The shaving balm prevented his skin from becoming irritated when shaving! I love the concept because I am sure that no man wants to have a face with bumps from shaving and becoming irritated. The Soothing Aftershave Emulsion with Rhubarb was the last thing that he tried. This aftershave comes in a Glass bottle 100 ml - 3.6 fl. oz. Obviously you use it after you shave. My husband loved receiving this as well. This soothes any irritation that MAY have been caused after shaving. This aftershave has a gel like lotion consistency and is not greasy like other brands. Overall, my husband was thrilled with the products that he received. He will be using them every time that he shaves and the soap when he showers for now on. I will be cheering him on because he practically has to peel me off of him because I sniff him like crazy! The IColoniali Shaving Balm retails for $49, IColoniali Aftershave retails for $42 and Illipe Butter Soap retails for $12.


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