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  • thriftyqueen1992 By  thriftyqueen1992    

    Must have teething product

    This product is awesome! This was the only thing that helped my son calm down while he was teething. I hear a lot of controversy on this product but I swear by this product. It is absolutely amazing!

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  • Sammybee5 By  Sammybee5    


    I liked these but seems like I have to give them to her before her teeth started bothering her. More like prevent which was still good

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  • OkieDokieMama87 By  OkieDokieMama87    

    So great that they are homeopathic , almost impossible for overdose accidents, really effective too!

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  • Samiller88 By  Samiller88    

    These tablets seemed to give my daughter relief from those darn teeth! Highly recommend!

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  • averbockel By  averbockel    

    This item was really helpful when my daughter started teething, and I still use them on her and she is 2 (she is getting her back molars). I love that they dissolve right away and because its small and white she thinks its candy. There is no taste to these tablets which is another plus. I would definitely recommend these!

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  • Ruby95 By  Ruby95    

    Very helpful for my little one when he started teething.

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  • sdcrisco By  sdcrisco    

    I wish there were extra stars!!! These were life savers for us when our daughter cut her teeth. These soothed her gums every time!!!

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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    This is singularly the best product ever created for babies! Teething is so hard on both babies and parents. This product is an overall mood soother. I found that combined with a pain medication this product kept my two babies calm and happy. I still use it on my toddlers on those temper tantrum days. I recommend to all new moms and gift it at all baby showers.

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  • missmoniques81 By  missmoniques81    

    These are a GOD SEND! without these I don't think I would have ever been able to survive the teething times. I found that prevention was the most useful when using these tablets. Do not wait till your child starts to get uncomfortable/cranky or they will not be as effective. My daughter's teething bothered her the most at night so usually before dinner I would give her a dose, and then another dose right before bed along with a frozen teething ring. She actually enjoyed taking the tablets and never complained like she did/does with other medicines. Hyland's is a go to in my house. I also recommend their cold tablets as well!

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  • bentz1234 By  bentz1234    

    I have used this on all three of my children. It calms them especially at night. It soothe them enough to sleep. I combine this with baby oralgel

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  • londonlane By  londonlane    

    These are wonderful! We used something similar to these with my oldest daughter who is about to turn 9 in March and now we have been using this brand with our youngest daughter who is 8 months. Any time that she seems fussy I just give her a few of these and she seems to calm down. They are all natural so I don't have to worry about dyes or anything that would be unhealthy or hazardous to her health.

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  • StyleNFashion By  StyleNFashion    

    The best product I have ever tried to help with my babies teething pain.

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  • YoungHippieMom By  YoungHippieMom    

    Love these! Worked so well for my son! And I LOVE that they are natural!!

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  • darlene1696 By  darlene1696    

    Love these and my teeth toddler also did to!! Its doesn't numb the whole mouth like baby orjel(?)

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  • sandra3 By  sandra3    

    does work for the teething.

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