Hutzler Food Savers

Hutzler Food Savers

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Surprise, surprise Ok. Don't judge... This works great for blocking onion odor, but it also works great for blocking the view of what's inside. This handy container has gotten pushed back behind some seldom-used condiments and not seen for a while. If this happens to you be prepared for a moldy suprise treat. Then you have to work at removing said mold from the rings inside that are used to prop the onion up for air flow (I'm assuming that's what they are for). I have gone back to using Ziploc.

Love this! There is no better way to keep leftover onions fresh than the Hutzler Food Saver. I use onions in most of my dinner recipes so it's really nice to have a way to keep the leftover halves fresh when I'm done cooking up a steak dinner.

Like this onion one is awesome limits onion smells in the refrigerator. I can find the item quickly in the refrigerator Because easy to identify. My onion is kept fresh for days and that's amazing

The onion saver is a staple in my fridge. We keep our unused onion in this and it blocks the smell from stinking up the entire refridgerator. It is large enougth to hold big onions. I also have a tomato and lemon saver. Great product and I always recommend these to my family and friends.

I love that it works and looks good. I like that you can tell what is inside without opening it. I even bought one for my mom.

I prefer the type with the flat bottom. I purchased this and it didn't maintain my onion fresh. It dried up where it was cut. Then I purchased the type with the flat base where you can place the onion cut side down and aside from maintaining the onion smell out of my fridge, it maintained the onion nice and fresh on the cut side too :)

I hate the onion smell that can over power your fridge when you have a cut onion in it. I also like the design maes storage better then just using a plain storage container

I love these! I love that it keeps that onion smell contained!

I personally own the tomato & the onion savers and they are INCREDIBLE!!! I can cut a whole, large purple onion and it fits perfectly into the container; it really does stay just as fresh as it was when it was cut!! Same with the tomato!!! Will definitely purchase more Hutzler products!!