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  • C0c0Butter By  C0c0Butter    

    Pretty good but could use some modifications.

    Definitely easy to make and is pretty good but could use some modifications. Because I like my pancakes light and fluffy, I substitute water with milk and add eggs. When I do that, the pancakes turn out very nice! If anyone likes to be a bit more extra, try the following with egg white meringue.

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  • bhanuu By  bhanuu    

    good ...

    my kids loves savoury pancakes for their breakfast.. its good, but i feel less fibres. i make pancakes fron whole fiber rich wheat flour and lots of veggies. n=but i cant beat hte look... its good but not as daily consumed item. if more fiber rich flour, its in my top list.

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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Easy does it

    Great for a quick fix family helper. Can use in so many ways besides straight up pancakes!

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  • mtanner78 By  mtanner78    

    My kids love making pancakes and this is their favorite mix to use. The pancakes turn out nice and fluffy!

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    Very good pancake mix! Very easy to make.

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  • tpoole By  tpoole    

    I have a very picky 7 year old who only eats pancakes! no kidding. These are very easy to make and very yummy. I would highly recommend! You can always add fillings to these easy, even a kid can make, pancakes...

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  • lmurphy831 By  lmurphy831    

    This is quick and easy to throw together and the pancakes taste good.

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  • Futuredoctormom By  Futuredoctormom    

    It's quick and easy and the pancakes are delicious!

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  • chubbycherub By  chubbycherub    

    We recently tried this product. It was quick to make, even on a week day when you are rushed. My kids and grand kids love it because they can help make it, with minimal mess of course. Light and fluffy pancakes.

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  • m_hernandeztx By  m_hernandeztx    

    I love this istant mix ! I have also tried others but this one is the best so far. instructions are simple to follow. I would recommend this to everyone.

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    My son loves pancakes, & this is a very easy way to make them. It's also quick and affordable, not to mention tasty.

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  • Randiyoung By  Randiyoung    

    Easy to make. Kids live them

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  • Louisa By  Louisa    

    Only pancake mix I buy! Perfect texture and great taste.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Great pancakes, easy to make, and taste great. I would recommend.

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  • butterflykisses24 By  butterflykisses24    

    Love this! Make this every Saturday for the family.

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