Humbug Day

   By rosepowell  Dec 23, 2011

This holiday season is somewhat different from the previous years, why? Well because I'm actually hosting our Annual Christmas Eve Dinner! I remember there was a time when my mother would prepare a feast that would have you needing a nap all by herself. Yet, these days, we all chip in a lot more, including the where.

My family has grown quite a bit since then, it used to be just my mom, sister, brother and I, and then my siblings started their families and then I did and then it just took off from there! So, my family and I have been working around the clock to prepare the house, purchase the gifts, wrap the gifts and check the lists twice and starting tomorrow, I'll be purchasing all of the food needed to feed the entire family and start the cooking and the baking. I think I have it all sorted out in my head, but I'll need to write another list. To say the very least, it hasn't necessarily been a smooth ship running. With flaring attitudes and moments of pure anguish and disgust,  somehow it all comes together. Sort of?! There are still a few last minute gifts to purchase and then of course, wrapping the gifts, but all in all, I think we'll make it. Boy am I ever so grateful that there is HUMBUG DAY!

What is Humbug Day? December 21, When you consider what Humbug has meant, you think of Scrooge, especially around the Holiday Season! For a while there I was calling my husband scrooge because he just doesn't permit himself to get into the spirit of anything. He's a giving person, but his way is different I suppose. Humbug day is not a day to be a scrooge, but more to vent, so you don't become a scrooge!

What has got you stressed out thus far? What has made you angry? Why are you not in the spirit? Let it all out. And then breathe, stretch, shake and let it all go! Get ready to enjoy the holiday season and all of the beautiful gifts it has to give, like life, living and especially family.

Happy Humbug day, created by, you're only allowed 12 Humbugs, so choose wisely!


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