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  • e_zapp16 By  e_zapp16    

    Disappointed- caused diaper rash

    I wanted to love these as much as I love huggies other diapers. I even tried them multiple different times. & everytime my son would break out with a diaper rash within using one or two diapers on him. I?m not sure if they use different products in these. Because we absolutely love huggies little movers and little snugglers & have never had a diaper rash with them. And my son is 2 and he has only had a diaper rash when we use any other type of diaper or brand. I was really disappointed these didn?t work out like other types of huggies.

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  • Jessa21 By  Jessa21    

    Huggies for babies

    We're trusting this Huggies snug and dry for my nephew. He was so comfortable evrytime he moves and play and theres no back leaks experience. He had no skin irritation unlike other diapers.

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  • Aldo218 By  Aldo218    

    Snug and Dry

    I used these diapers for both of my toddlers and they worked so well! We have used Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers with them both well and gave them good coverage. They had no issue with leaks during nap time or play time. I would recommend these to a friend. (I received a free sample)

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