Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

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It literally broke my heart to learn that these are discontinued! I'm finishing my last box that were purchased as a baby shower gift. :( So gentle and absorbent and cute

I love pampers diapers. My daughter urinates extremely frequently and these are the only diapers that seem to keep up with her. Even if we take a long car ride to grandma's house I don't have to worry about any leaks because they always exceed my expectations. I love the green aspect and it makes me feel good whenever I use these that I am helping reduce my foot print

I love the idea of these diapers, but my son managed to pee through almost every diaper we put on him. I'd say try them yourself and see if they work for you as they are super soft!

I loved these, however my pocket book did not. If my child would have had super sensitive skin, it would have been a no brainer. But with cost in mind and her skin not being sensitive, we went with a cheaper brand.

I really like these Huggies diapers. They are super absorbent and fit really well. I've tried several different brands of sensitive diapers and these are by far the best I've tried. Other diapers seem to have a really strong smell to them, but these don't have any smell to them at all.

I love these Huggies I started buying Huggies ( years ago with my first child they were the only diaper that didn't break out all three of my children. I especially love the Huggies Pure and Natural because I am even more confident no matter how hot it is outside my baby will not break out even the slightest bit and they are very absorbent and have no smell!

I really like these diapers, even over the other Huggies types. They seem very comfortable for my baby and I would buy them again.

Love all huggies diapers!

Great diapers for natural care and they do not twist or fall apart!! I have tried so many diaper brands (my second favorite are Seventh Generation diapers which cost a bit more) and the Natural Care diapers are hands down my favorite! I like that they use some organic cotton.

I love these for my babies! Healthy, safe and very durable.

My baby loves this pampers, and they fits him nice, these were the only pamper i could use on him, i bought other brand and they did not work at all for him, live them and they are affordable

I loved these diapers, I purchased these when my daughter was first born and used them until she was 2. Our Foodlion quit carrying them and I now buy Honest company diapers. I love any organic diaper that will not leak noruse harsh chemicals on a baby

As a first time mother, you want the best for your new bundle. These are more expensive than others, but they are made with natural products,which makes the price just a bit easier to swallow. My daughter's skin is highly sensitive, and she never had any problems in these diapers.

They do get a little snug

I was given a lot of different diaper brand on my baby shower and this brand is absolutely the best . These diapers sate just wonderful and the best part is that they don't hurt my baby's skin.