Huggies Little Movers Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Diapers

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So so I gave it a 3 because they leak way to easy. Other than that they are awesome products, great smell.

The Best for Active Babies My son is transitioning from Little Movers to potty training, but these were the absolute BEST diapers EVER! I refuse to buy any other diapers or any other variety of Huggies. My son loves to run around the house and these held in place!

I like the way that Huggies protects against leakage but I don't like how you can really smell the urine. My daughter will fill up her diaper over night and when I get her up all I smell is urine that's the only flaw that I have with Huggies

For the most part these have worked great. Had an issue recently with the elastic but huggies is great and is replacing them. Never had issues with leaking overnight. He can sleep through the night and still be dry in the morning. Love huggies

I love pampers diapers. My daughter urinates extremely frequently and these are the only diapers that seem to keep up with her. Even if we take a long car ride to grandma's house I don't have to worry about any leaks because they always exceed my expectations.

Omg! What can I not say about this product, lol. Well all i can say is that I LOVE HUGGIES LITTLE MOVERS! They are the best diapers I have used!!!!! Love how flexible and how it keeps in place. My babies never have a leak. It last well during the whole night. I have two boys ages 1 and 2 and I love them. I hate huggies other diapers but the little movers I love them. One thing that I hate about this product is that it doesn't come in a big quantities. You guys should make where it comes in large amount like 200 diapers instead of 96 or 56. I mean diapers are expensive already and it just makes us buy two insted of one that has a bunch of them. Why can't u guys make some for new borns I think that would be awesome. I am pregnant with my third child and I will definitely buy it.

So flexible yet durable and reliable. Huggies always makes good products.

These are the best diapers we have tried and, trust me, I think we've tried them all! They very rarely leak (usually only when my husband puts them on and forgets to run his finger down the sides to make sure they aren't tucked under) or overnight when she's had a lot of water or milk before bed. They are also relatively soft and very stretchy, which allows her to move and jump around without that classic diaper waddle. As for the cost, I do think they are more expensive than some other brands but I have gotten some great deals clipping coupons and following sales at my local Rite Aid, Target, and Babies R Us stores as well as online at Amazon and

Huggies is the best diapers out there most people may think they are expensive but if you think about it they are so worth it for the simple fact that 1 diaper can last my daughter 3 hours super full without any leaks, if im going to pay big bucks I want the real deal and huggies is definitely it

We use Huggies almost always when we have to get disposable diapers. They are very good at not leaking most of the time. My daughter has very chubby legs and a chubby tummy, but a slimmer waist around where the diaper should snap. (Yay for chunky breastfed babies!) It's adorable, but it makes disposable diapers fit awkwardly from time to time. This is one of the only brands and types of diaper that I have found that work well with her chubbiness so far!

This product is a bit pricy but worth it my daughter would brake out useing other diapers but huggies is the only one that wouldnt!

This has always been my number 1 pick since they first came out. I love huggies

As a first-time parent, I tried every brand and NO OTHER BRAND compares to Huggies Little Movers. Great fit, absorbent, and no-irritating. With our next child, we will use Huggies only, every time!

These diapers fit like a glove, soft, and comfy for baby.

i am in between feelings about huggies pampers. Although they are snug and they fit i feel like they are a little small. If you compare a size 5 huggies pamper and a size 5 pamper pampers you can see the differents. Huggies make you feel secure because it so snug and fit so nothing escapes. But Pampers on the other hand had a lot of room so that you are child it free but they have great leak protection. Pampers kept her skin much dyer than the huggies pampers did. I enjoyed using the product but I am not sure if i would switch my regular brand of this one.