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  • Kristycreel985 By  Kristycreel985    

    Huggies are number 1

    Love Huggies they fit my perfect and they are not too expensive

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  • Jackieray By  Jackieray    

    no better diaper- I use them on my gradbaby I babysit. My bed stays dry for his mid day nap. He has eczema and his little behind stays nice and no break outs like other diapers caused. They work great for us. He is a happy baby, which makes me a happy Mommaw !!

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  • kiarakuhn1993 By  kiarakuhn1993    


    Huggies are the best for my family. Our family only uses huggies. The quality of huggies are way better than pampers or some off brand. I mean the price is high, but you are paying for an amazing diaper/pull-ups. My daughter doesn't pee right through these like In pampers. Wonderful product.

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  • MamaBear2016 By  MamaBear2016    

    Thumbs down

    I really do not like huggies due to the fact that the sizes are a bit off proportioned, my son was only a few months and would wear a size 2 but they were too big, any other brand they would fit fine. The huggies diapers were not very absorable and I would need to change my son a lot more frequently than the other diapers. They were also unconfortable for my son to wear when he would crawl around eventually making him fussy. Sorry Huggies but no points from me.

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  • Megbria By  Megbria    

    These are the best!

    As a mom of 2 girls, I have tried all kinds of diapers. Huggies are hands down the best. They have the best fasciners, the best coverage, the best absorbancy, and the best fit. I highly recommend them!

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    Huggies were just "OK" for us. We'd use them in a pinch but didn't prefer them as our primary brand. Specifically, it seemed that as our daughter got older, she would be prone to diaper rash while wearing Huggies. This could be specific to her, but left us wondering what might be the difference. The more we paid attention, it seemed that Huggies didn't wick the moisture away from her as much as other brands.

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  • Braunkatie By  Braunkatie    

    The only huggies I use are the huggies little movers, the rest leaked and I ended up having to throw alot away.

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  • hahill By  hahill    

    Huggies cannot told my almost two year old son overnight. Waking up every morning to wet belly baby not matter what I did. I had to constant change his sheets and give him another bath in the mornings.

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  • kayla619 By  kayla619    

    These are great diapers. As advertised, they can hold up for 12 hours. They are awesome especially for long distance trips. I tried multiple brands but these are the best ones.

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  • taraneugebauer By  taraneugebauer    

    Huggies are my go to brand for diapers. The fit is perfect for my baby. And the softness of these diapers makes me feel good about her wearing them. I've tried several different brands and these are the best by far. Ive yet to have a diaper leak yet!

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  • ashlynn2689 By  ashlynn2689    

    These are nice diapers but I have a problem with leaking with these

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  • Brit79 By  Brit79    

    I love Huggies! I use Huggies snug and dry for my daughter and won't use any other kind. They are the best value for the price.

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  • Alyanna17 By  Alyanna17    

    I complitely love this pamper. They are just the best in the market.

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  • heatherak84 By  heatherak84    

    Love Huggies. We have used Huggies with all 3 of our children. Always provided coverage and comfort.

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  • kayk25 By  kayk25    

    My son would always be wet from the snugglers. I wouldnt recommend them to boy moms. Not sure how they are on girls.

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