How To Dry Your Own Herbs

Ellen Christian By Ellen Christian 07.25.11
How To Dry Your Own Herbs

How to dry your own herbs fresh from the garden.  Save money and keep it local.


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  • lmb243 By lmb243

    Thank you for this! My thyme plant decided to really grow much larger than I had anticipated, so I will definitely be doing this in a few weeks :-)

  • scentednights By scentednights

    It really depends on the humidity level in the room you have them drying in. You should be able to tell by shaking the bag or peaking inside. Once they're dry, crumble the leaves up & put them in a glass jar.They 'll be good for about 6 months.

  • jerseygirl1 By jerseygirl1

    This is great. I always have too much basil in the summer from my garden but not any in the winter. Now I can dry them and use them all year. Does anyone know about how long I will need to leave them hanging until they are dry? And then how long can I save them once they are dried?

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