How to Wear Red

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How to Wear Red
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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s a lot of red clothing and accessories coming out of the woodwork, and     frankly, it’s with good reason: The reason we wear red is different from the Christmas-sweater phenomenon. The color makes a woman feel sexy and smoldering, so why shouldn’t we don it on the international day of romance?  

If you’ve been afraid to take the plunge, try wearing the hue in one of these easy ways. 

A Little

If you’re shy about wearing brights on the outside, try some scarlet lingerie - many of our picks for the best underwear come in red, and you’ll wear them long after V-Day. Cheap bras are also a good option: You’ll be able to sport a red bra under darker, heavier everyday clothes, but stay on the inexpensive side, since you won’t be able to wear this bra under anything white or gossamer. (If you’re just planning to wear it it to bed, however, that’s a different story.) 

"The color makes a woman feel sexy and smoldering."


A Little More

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Snap up a pair of comfortable heels in red, and wear them with dark denim, or a simple little black dress; the pop of color is playful and chic, without taking any major fashion risks. 

An even more low-key way to add some red to your look: Carry a really big bag in a deep crimson or burgundy (fire-engine red usually doesn’t feel work-appropriate, and what’s the use of a big bag you can’t carry to work?), or bright embellished clutch to complement a neutral evening ensemble. 


A Whole Lot

For maximum impact, pick up a red party dress - nothing makes you feel attractive faster than a great-fitting dress in a standout color. To tone down the look (this is basically our secret to toning down anything), surround it with black: Opaque tights, a black blazer, and a classic pair of peep-toe pumps always look sexy, not silly.  

For more ideas, please check out the guide to Valentine’s Day fashion.

How do you like to wear red?

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  • runnergirl21 By runnergirl21

    Red can almost go with anything!!!

  • verucaa2772 By verucaa2772

    If you are nervous about wearing red, be like me, try it slowly start with red shoes or a red purse. Accents can make the outfit, but are removeable if you are uncomfortable.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    i am nervous about experimenting with such a bold bright color, because i dont think it looks good on me.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I've always worn red. There's always that one piece that just speaks to you and when you put it on you KNOW it's it! Red makes you feel great. Energized. Passionate.

  • pjclayton57 By pjclayton57

    I love wearing red from the inside out! I have more things that are black in my wardrobe; but that mixes very nicely with red! Red is HOT, sexy and sassy, so any woman should want to wear it with pride!

  • mandage31 By mandage31

    Don't just wear red, own it! Feel good about yourself in it!

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