How to Feel Confident with Your Money with Natalya Robbins of Prudential Financial

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How to Feel Confident with Your Money with Natalya Robbins of Prudential Financial

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Women face unique challenges compared to men, which means it's so important for women to plan for their financial futures. Women make 81 cents to the dollar compared to men, which means that women are still literally getting paid less to work no matter their experience or the industry*.

Join Aliza as she speaks with Natalya Robbins, a financial planner at Prudential, about the main concerns and challenges women face when it comes to their finances and how women can feel more confident with their money. This episode is brought to you by Prudential.

Episode Highlights:

7:50 - The four specific challenges women face with their finances (the longevity gap, the time gap, the income gap, and the investing gap)

8:32 - “Second shift syndrome”

20:56 - The power of combining confidence and knowledge 

33:20 - The three main concerns most women have about their money


More About Natalya

After seeing women struggle with their financies, along with some personal experiences of her own, Natalya Robbins began her career journey as a financial planner. Now Natalya's expertise focuses on protecting families financially, helping people save for retirement and education, as well as providing insights to help people strategize longterm with their money. As a fun fact, Natalya used to be a professional figure skater, and she likens planning with money to getting out on the ice.

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020 

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