How to Establish a Creative Ritual with Illustrator Alessandra Olanow

Alessandra Olanow

How to Establish a Creative Ritual with Illustrator Alessandra Olanow

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 30, 2022

If you're someone who finds it difficult to find creativity in your life or work, listen in as Aliza sits down to have a conversation with Alessandra Olanow, author and illustrator. Alessandra is the author of I Used to Have a Plan and the upcoming book Hello, Grief: I'll Be Right with You. Aliza and Alessandra discuss how to establish a creative habit, her story of navigating grief, and how she drew a book.

Episode Highlights:

12:37 - Alessandra’s tips for exploring creativity 

19:48 - Finding inspiration and energy using the five senses

22:28 - Alessandra’s new book, Hello, Grief: I’ll Be Right With You


More About Alessandra

During the pandemic’s height, Alessandra saw an even greater need for human connection, so she used her artistic skills to set up an experiment about staying in touch. She scheduled zoom calls with friends, neighbors, and strangers in which she would sketch their portrait. She posted each drawing and an excerpt from their conversations at @thespacebetweenyouandme. 


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Alessandra Olanow

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