How eco-friendly is your office?

   By scentednights  Jul 06, 2011

Now that I work at home most days, I always try to think about ways I can make my office more eco-friendly. I know that people thought that once the computer arrived, the need to print things would become obsolete but I really don't see that happening in my office. There always seems to be something that I need to print out, fill out, scan, fax or mail.

When printing, always ask yourself if it really needs to be printed. Could you scan it instead? Can you just refer to it on your computer or store it on a flash drive? If you absolutely must print it, it only stands to reason that it's best to use recycled paper. I find it very reasonably priced at office super stores. When you're done with it, make sure that you recycle it again. Most areas have recycling programs. While you're purchasing your recycled copy paper, check out the recycled sticky pads, memo pads, note pads and planners.  There really is a fantastic variety out there to chose from.

Once you've taken care of your paper products, it's time to examine your ink usage. Many office supply stores offer to take back ink and toner cartridges as part of their recycling program.  I bring mine back when they are empty.  You can also consider having your toner cartridges refilled.  I'm not really impressed with the quality of refilled ink cartridges so I choose to use a print saver program that prints documents using less ink by printing every other pixel. This is a great money saver as well since you buy ink only half as often. I use Preton Saver but there are probably other programs out there as well.

Turn off your equipment when it isn't in use. My computer is on for most of the day because I am working most of the time I'm awake. However if you're done for the day at 5:00, make sure to turn off your computer at 5:00.  Also consider whether or not you need to have the printer, scanner, fax machine, paper shredder, etc plugged in all the time.  Many units use electricity even when they aren't actively in use. You can prevent this from happening by connecting them to a power supply and shutting off the power supply strip at the end of the evening.

What are some other ways you make your home office eco-friendly? I'd love to find some more ways to be kinder to the earth while I work at home.


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scentednights by scentednights | CASTLETON, VT
Jul 12, 2011

Great ideas! I'm very lucky to work at home now but did spend years working in an office. Our company had no issues turning off the computers at night thankfully.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jul 11, 2011

I'm always using the back of paper for notes, instead of a new tablet. Folding corners or using a paperless stapler instead of staples. I always cringe when I see someone at the office doing things that could be a bit more mindful. We do recycle all cartridges where a company comes out and refurbishes them (agree refilling can casue some mess and equipment issues). I set the printer on duplex setting if necessary to print; also saves on postage. I bring a coffee cup. I agree on keeping PCs etc off, but in a large office ask your IT or support people if it's ok, many companies do updates at night and if your pc is shut off, it may not get updated or other systems maintenance might not occur, may cause confusion.

DianeHoffmaster by DianeHoffmaster | LILBURN, GA
Jul 08, 2011

thanks for all the great tips! I am all about eco friendly living!