How are you celebrating Halloween?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 19, 2020

Thanks to all our members who took our recent Halloween survey. We're thrilled to hear that most of you still plan on celebrating Halloween this year - we love this holiday too!

Of course, Halloween may look different than in years past.

  • 97% of you went trick-or-treating last year. But just 48% plan to go this year.
  • 77% of you attended a Halloween party last year. But just 52% will attend one this year.

However, you will still enjoy the day.
  • Approximately 80% or more of you will decorate your house, buy costumes and buy candy.
We love the ways you plan to make the holiday special, such as block parties, crafting, baking, candy decorating, neighborhood parades and trunk or treats. Thanks to our members for the following ideas:
  • "Making stations for our kids to do their holiday stuff at home (home party). We'll have a candy station, scavenger hunt, pumpkin painting, movies, etc."
  • "We are having a Halloween themed dinner: mummy hotdogs, witches fingers, brain shaped jello, monster meatloaf, spider cookies, and gremlin punch."
  • "I plan on setting up a table in my driveway and decorating it with Halloween items. Then I will put wrapped treats in individual cups for kids to walk up and talk. No rummaging through a bucket and no coming up to the doorstep!"
  • "We will still go all out with our yard decorations to celebrate and allow people to enjoy."
  • "I'm considering an outdoor costume party with lights strung up around the yard and different "stations" for snacks, drinks, and activities."

As the holiday gets closer, we'll send around another survey to see how your thoughts on Halloween are changing. Watch your email in the coming weeks - we look forward to hearing more about what you have to say.

How do you feel about Halloween today? Tell us in the comments below!

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newvoice365 by newvoice365 | DUNCAN, OK
Sep 18, 2020

i am going to do a community party for my town

elizdup by elizdup | Tomball, TX
Sep 11, 2020

Scary movie night. And scary burgers with bloody frys. 

emma0420 by emma0420 | SARASOTA, FL
Sep 10, 2020

We will be carving pumpkins and having a scary movie marathon! 

susie56 by susie56 | Spring City, TN
Sep 09, 2020

We live in a very rural area, we like to put out mums and pumpkins. We do lots of baking, pies, breads, jams, etc. for friends and ourselves. We don't do trick or treating because of living in such a rural area.

shonvic1981 by shonvic1981 | GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
Sep 08, 2020

I love decorating and celebrating for Halloween. This year I'm not sure and with COVID out of control. Pretty sure kids won't be partipating. Me and hubby will celebrate with some baked goodies and watch scarry movies on Netflix. 

eview1 by eview1 | WAKE FOREST, NC
Sep 06, 2020

I am not sure this year. I ususally make outfits for my dogs and I and we go to all of the local pet stores for the parties. However, this year, I am not so sure, knowing that dogs can get the virus and die as well. So I doubt I will be doing anything for Halloween this year unless it is online. 

Justmissash by Justmissash | CLATSKANIE, OR
Sep 04, 2020

Me, my 3 kids and my neighbors and their 2 kids are throwing a mini party for just us with party games and food and candy. We most likely will not trick or treat because of safety concerns 

browneyes78 by browneyes78 | Homosassa, FL
Sep 04, 2020

no kids, so we dont do much for Halloween,  we dont even see kids in our neighborhood. 

eview1 by eview1 | WAKE FOREST, NC
Sep 01, 2020

I am very disappointed because I always make costumes for my 2 4 legged girls and we head off to all of the local pet stores to enter contests. I don't think we will be doing it this year. It makes me very nervous to be in stores and now that dogs can get the corvid-19 and die from it, I will not be risking the life of my girls. I have been doing these contests for over 15 years. I also heard that many of the large candy makers are not going to be making as much Halloween candy this year because there will more than likely not be people out trick or treating. 

jbelevick by jbelevick | AVA, NY
Aug 28, 2020

We will be decorating, listen to spooky music, watching horror movies and having halloween theme dinners all month that correspond with the horror movies we are watching. We will dress up, we have a few people that are going to trick or treat so I will be making up bags and setting them outside for the kids, they can knock on the door so I can see them out the window, but we will be staying home and celebrating.

dawn09111993 by dawn09111993 | ROY, UT
Aug 22, 2020

Halloween is definitely mine and my family favorite holiday but this year we will most likely stay home and have our own little halloween party.

shonvic1981 by shonvic1981 | GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
Aug 22, 2020

I've always loved Halloween. But, this year I don't plan to participate. I will just bake some homemade goodies for me & hubby to enjoy. Watch some scary movies on Netflix and maybe next year will be better. 

Tattoosbyjav by Tattoosbyjav | Bronx, NY
Aug 22, 2020

I miss a few with my youngest hoping to go with him this year 

Kbillotto12 by Kbillotto12 | LEMASTERS, PA
Aug 22, 2020

My kids will still be dressing up. And I'd we don't have trick or treat our neighbors and is will ruin k of something to make sure the kids still get to enjoys the night.  Halloween is my holiday and I refuse to not celebrate it. 

saleago by saleago | Horseheads, NY
Aug 22, 2020

No kids. Don't celebrate.