How You Can Unleash Your Inner Boudoir Betty

   By makeovermomma  Aug 04, 2011

I am one of the least romantic people on earth. In actuality, it's not that I have a lack of hopeless romanticism (I've seen every Meg Ryan movie in existence), but rather an inability to show it to my husband. Why? Well, try adding full time mother, live-in maid and stressed out professional to anyone's routine, and you'll see their interest in midnight rendezvous drop faster than their collection of lingerie.


As a busy momma, my closet contains more maternity underwear than Manolos, while my bathroom cabinet is stocked with Pepto Bismol instead of perfume. So how can I switch from stressed out lady, to sexy and confident? Try these tips...


* Look The Part: Despite my best attempts at staying fashionable throughout the years, undergarments are the last thing on my mind at all times. My underwear and bra never match (on days when I actually wear a bra), and beautiful lingerie has quickly been replaced with oversized T-shirts and sweatpants. So are sexy corsets and slimming underpants really worth it? I decided to treat myself (and by that I mean my husband) to the latest from Affinatas Intimates. After surprising him with the Denise Bustier corset and Morgan String bottoms after a long day's work, I realized that taking the time to take care of myself isn't just about individual empowerment... but goes a long way in making our partner's feel cared for too.


* Get Smooth: I don't have the time, money or babysitting leverage to get pedicures, but an active dance teacher without a good foot slougher is a disgusting predicament in of itself. My feet can get so bad in fact, that previous attempts at pedicures usually end in hearty laughter (that of the manicurist, that is). Thankfully, te Emjoi Micro-Pedi is as serious about foot-care as I am, and gently buffs feet to smooth perfection. As long as you use it gently over rough areas, you'll be sleek and soft in no time.


* Pucker Up: What's a romantic kiss without fresh clean teeth and soft lips? (Answer: a flashback to middle school). After years of testing and reviewing hundreds of thousands of beauty products and top tier brands, I continue to turn to Talika as one of my all time favorites. Their latest product- Smile & Kiss- is absolute perfection for hurried, harried women with no time to primp. It contains two different products so you can simultaneously whiten your teeth and plump your lips. This is one time that you can kiss... and totally tell!

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sherrybaby by sherrybaby | wilmington, DE
Aug 04, 2011

Great tips. Simple stuff that we can try.