How Too Much Tweeting Can Lead to Cheating and Divorce

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 13, 2014

If you or your partner can’t go through a day without a Twitter fix there may be trouble on the horizon for your relationship. A new study suggests people who Tweet often have a greater chance of experiencing dissatisfaction in their relationship.

Mashable reports about the University of Missouri School of Journalism study that finds a link between avid Twitter users and divorce. The conflict between couples seems to come directly from the overuse of Twitter when one partner feels the other partner spends too much time on the social media site.

Researchers found that when a partner’s use became an issue within the relationship it leads to conflict which in turn leads to breakups, emotional and physical cheating as well as divorce. Lead author Russell Clayton who based his findings on another similar study that looked at the effects of Facebook on relationships explains, “Based on the findings from both studies, Twitter and Facebook use can have damaging effects on romantic relationships. That is, when SNS [social networking site] use becomes problematic in one’s romantic relationship, risk of negative relationship outcomes may follow.” The Twitter-related conflict arose in couples regardless of how long they had been together.

What do you think of new research that suggests overuse of Twitter can lead to major issues in relationships?

Do you or your partner spend too much time on Twitter?

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jdeva11 by jdeva11 | villa rica, GA
May 08, 2015

I think there has to be a balance in the relationship where they give each other the proper time. I think social media sites makes it easier to cheat or do something that your partner will not approve of whether it is getting a message from an ex or simply liking a picture of someone who is half naked. So in my opinion I do think overusing it can lead to divorce or breakups.

Mommyof2 by Mommyof2 | SULPHUR, OK
May 01, 2014

I can tell you by experience that social networking sites are horrible for marriages. I think we were better off before we had all this technology.

hollyshespeaks by hollyshespeaks | LARCHMONT, NY
Apr 14, 2014

I agree that balance is important.

GlowBaby by GlowBaby | Kinsale, VA
Apr 14, 2014

Can't blame twitter. It is what is already inside a person as to whether or not they'll cheat.

edwardsblogging by edwardsblogging | Holiday, FL
Apr 13, 2014

I am a product tester and do a lot of online social media postings throughout the day. However my husband is very understanding and knows that this is my job and I have to get things done. He also knows I have a shut off time to so I can get shopping done (very frugal & this takes time too), bills paid, cooking done, laundry and have time do family stuff together. Weekends I try not to do anything till late evening when needed.