How Shoppers Are Preparing for the 2020 Holidays

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 07, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. In an effort to better understand how shoppers are preparing for the holidays this season and reacting to the impact of the Coronavirus, we asked women in our community to share their thoughts and experiences.

Thank you to the more than 1,400 women who completed the survey. Here's what you had to say...

Half of all shoppers feel good about their personal/family finances. Approximately one-third are very/somewhat concerned.



There's a big change in planned holiday spending in 2020. 21% more people say they will spend less this year vs. last year.

Shoppers are concerned about the overall economy.

Holiday purchases are more likely to be bought online this year and will start earlier than last year, with 48% likely to start before Thanksgiving. Gift cards top shoppers wish list, followed by clothing/accessories.

For more information, click here to read the full report. 

How will your shopping be different this year? What items are you planning to buy? Tell us below!

*The SheSpeaks Holiday Survey 2020 was fielded online September 7-11, 2020. 1,433 respondents completed the survey.

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angelNrichie by angelNrichie | LAFAYETTE, IN
Nov 18, 2021

Since my daughter was younger, I have been purchasing 'little things here and there? throughout the year. My favorite thing to save money is to always hit up the ?clearance? section. I have all of my children's Christmas presents bought. Another idea that I got a few years back, is after Christmas, a lot of toys and etc get marked down. Since both of my children have birthdays in February and March, I also pick up gifts at this time as well. I grew up poor and my mom was always on assistance. I was embarrassed as a child about this. I have learned and adapted to overcome this for my own children.

eview1 by eview1 | WAKE FOREST, NC
Oct 22, 2020

i will be shopping mainly online. I do  not feel comfortable shopping in the stores with all of the crowds. There is new data on corvid that states even if you are 12 feet from someone if you spend more than 15 minutes in their presence, be it 6 or 12 feet you can still get the virus. I  may shop a few stores but it will be when the crowds are not as bad. I do wear a mask and gloves when I do go to any store. I have not been shopping in stores, only going to the grocery store about once a week. If I get sick, there is no one to help me or take care of me or my dogs. i will be buying only the things that I realy need, not wants. I need a new lawnmower, air purifier, and some dog food. I would like some of the footsie socks with rubber on the bottom and some new slippers. I do new a new landline phone and answering machine, cell phone case and not much else. 

keva1022 by keva1022 | CANTON, MA
Oct 12, 2020

It will be very different! I will do 90% of my shopping online instead, due to everything going on these days.
Also I probably will also have less people to buy for because less people will be invited, and also less people will come.
so that will make it a little easier. 
But it's still such a stressful time of year for money. Trying to make sure that you have enough gifts for everyone. 
and especially my 16 year old son is always wanting expensive items lately 😬
But overall I love Christmas! 🎄 


tjs68111 by tjs68111 | SPOTTSVILLE, KY
Oct 10, 2020

We are buying our son a hoverboard with Bluetooth and lights! Everyone else is getting gift cards because its just too hard to shop right now with our state being in the red now!?! Ugh 2020 has definitely been challenging! 

peter26 by peter26 | Passaic, NJ
Oct 08, 2020

I want a tandem, so my dad has been helping me find one.

cyndylew26 by cyndylew26 | CHICAGO, IL
Oct 08, 2020

This year I'm not going through all the hoopla of shopping online nor off line. Gift cards all around. With money being tight, this is the best solution for me anyway.

janiea by janiea | JACKSON, GA
Oct 08, 2020

I'm buying the least possible that I can buy. I day that every year, and then I see something cute. lol

RachP03 by RachP03 | CHICO, CA
Oct 07, 2020

I've done most of my shopping already actually. I shop throughout the year.

nickelet11 by nickelet11 | ROSWELL, GA
Oct 07, 2020

a robot vacuum!

Jpratt9165 by Jpratt9165 | Bulan, KY
Oct 07, 2020

I'm going to try to do 75% or more shopping online to prevent exposure,this year.

nicewoman by nicewoman | Dunmore, PA
Oct 07, 2020

I still plan shopping this year but spend less

Hywelda9 by Hywelda9 | SADDLE BROOK, NJ
Oct 07, 2020

Very different this year - much too unsafe to do much entertaining and traveling.