How Much Is Too Much Baby Fat?

   By drodriguez  Dec 06, 2010

As soon as our children are born most of us worry tirelessly about everything, especially when it concerns their health. One concern that is on a lot of parent’s minds these days is childhood obesity.  Parents have developed such a fear that their baby may become obese that some are actually putting their infants on extreme diets.

A recent report from ABC’s Good Morning America discusses the growing trend of baby diets. Most parents who put their baby on a diet do so because they know obesity runs in their family and fear this could happen to their child if they don’t act fast.  Some parents may try to limit the amount of milk a baby gets or add more water to formula during meal times.

In one extreme case, parents from Washington State were found guilty of starving their baby by mixing laxatives in the bottle.  After gaining only one pound in her first two months of life, authorities found traces of the laxative in the baby’s bottle. The parents claimed they were afraid the baby would end up being overweight like the child’s father.  

Parents may also fear for their child’s health after new studies have found that rapid weight gain during infancy can be linked to hypertension and diabetes later in life.  But doctors often agree that what best shapes a child’s health outcome is the dining habits of parents.  If you eat healthy food and encourage your child to eat this way growing up, the child has a better chance of having less health issues in the future.   

What do you think of the report that some parents have their babies on extreme diets?

How do you think parents should try to combat childhood obesity before it begins?

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mwoody3 by mwoody3 | Swartz Creek, MI
Jan 07, 2011

That is horrible! Those parents dont deserve kids!!!! If the kids are hungry they will eat whatever you give them eventually!!! So instead of sitting out a 'bad' snack that they will gobble in a few minutes..... sit out some fruits and veggies! They may not eat them at first, but if they are hungry enough they will eat them!!!

debbwalk by debbwalk | WHITE PLAINS, NY
Dec 20, 2010

I can't believe that parents would do this all in the name of having a "thin" baby. It's all a reflection of the parents. What are these parents' issues with weight? how are their own eating habits? This is dispicable. i wish America would focus on actually enjoying nature and activities and LIFE instead of focusing on quick fixes while sitting on our arses and eating ourselves to death

shelly_noble24 by shelly_noble24 | SULLIVAN, MO
Dec 14, 2010

a baby is supposed to be fat. when the child starts eating solid food you need to watch what they eat. no dont starve them or give them laxitives thats wrong. you just need to give them plenty of healthy need to give them less than you would an older child as you need to incorage them moveing with them by turning music on and haveing them dance with you. they love this. get with other parents who have kids around the same age. you guys can find ways to keep your kids weight down and still have them healthy. these parents and you can have your children grow up playing topgether not just on computer and game consle games. have them make there own games take them outside to enjoy themselves. this is what all parents need to do. im sure you can find many parents who would be intrested in this idea around you.

bozemanbrooks by bozemanbrooks | Bozeman, MT
Dec 09, 2010

Nothing is more important than having a healthy baby. There is NO reason to put infants on a diet. Once they start crawling and even walking the pounds shed right off. The over weight toddlers have everything to do with what the parents are feeding them.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Dec 09, 2010

This is very disturbing to know that those parents are so ignorant and putting the baby at such risks. Babies GROW! Unless they can stand on their 2 feet and walk, I would never deprive a BABY with food like this. Maybe her dumb husband should go on a diet instead. Obesity can be fixed if you help yourself! Even if it is genetic, it can be controlled! But some people don't even want to try/see the possibility and make excuses for themselves before they even start! Babies can't make decisions for themselves yet! Shame on them!

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Dec 08, 2010

I can't imagine that kind of ignorance still exists in this time of age! Parents have the ability to educate themselves, obtain help, and information to raise healthier kids! Those parents that did that to their baby are just plain ignorant and that to me is child abuse! If you have an issue with your image well than change your eating habits and become an example for your love ones!

TsukinoHime by TsukinoHime | Lake Elsinore, CA
Dec 07, 2010

That is disgusting and shameful!! Putting a newborn on a diet?? It's common sense, a baby that young feeds when he/she needs to. Combat childhood obesity by giving a child HEALTHY foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and encourage them to be active and exercise.. and lead by example! The only reason there is any such thing as childhood obesity is because parents give their kids unhealthy, fatty, sugary processed food and don't encourage them to exercise.

Mrsestrada by Mrsestrada | buffalo, NY
Dec 06, 2010

I will start by saying that childhood obesity should lay on the parents! I don't just think that its poor taste in nutrition but technology also plays a role in this as well. Kids don't go outside as much anymore, they aren't encouraged to use imagination as much the Nintendo, computers and cell phones imagine for them. As parents people should set restrictions and I find that more parents find it harder to tell their kids no now a days. With parents having to work more now I do understand that its easier to drive thru a restaurant and provide a meal than to cook but there are alternative ways to feed your family healthier meals. As far as having a child on a diet from the start is just sad and sick and this is just a form of "abuse" as feeding your child fast food everyday.This forum is almost laughable these things should be common sense but I have noticed many people are still lacking in that department.