How Important is Flirting?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 22, 2013

To some, flirting just comes natural but others who find themselves tongue tied at the mere thought of approaching an attractive stranger a flirty smile can be an impossible feat to muster. Though you maybe not posses the natural ability to flirt, there are flirting coaches out there who believe they can show you the ropes in just a few short sessions.

CNN’s Shanon Cook reports about the current trend of attending dating and flirting courses and how these training sessions can help ease nerves for someone who sees the dating world as a terrifying place.

Tracy Steinberg, a New York City dating coach, explains how she sets up her flirting sessions with 5 or 6 adults. She usually takes her group to a busy bar and gives them a pep talk before ushering them off to an attractive stranger where they will perform the task of breaking the ice.

For the cost of $95, those who wish to be trained in the art of flirting can attend one of Steinberg’s 2-hour flirting parties. She advises her students to “make yourself available and approachable"... "be complimentary' ... "maintaining eye contact is key"... "don't be too quick to dismiss him if he says something weird"..."keep the conversation light and breezy” when approaching someone you may be interested in. Steinberg explains why so many people haven’t the slightest clue of how to talk to someone they may want to date. She says, “The people I work with tend to be very accomplished in their career, very intellectual. But it really gets in the way of flirting because flirting is with your body, it's not with your mind.”

What do you think of taking a class to learn the art of flirting?

Are you a natural born flirt? Do you think flirting is important when trying to make a good first impression with an attractive stranger?


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jklajda3 by jklajda3 | ONEKAMA, MI
May 24, 2013

I think flirting is important all throughout your life. Even when your married, well flirting with your spouse of course! Not only in the beginning can it open a new door to a friendship, it can keep your relationship interesting and fun! Always flirt. There is nothing wrong with it!