How Do You Know When It's Okay To Workout While Sick and When To Just Stay In Bed?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 29, 2014

If hitting the gym while you’re sick sounds like a good way to give those germs a swift kick then think again. With flu season upon us it’s important that we all listen to our bodies and take it easy when we need a rest. Though working out while sick isn’t always a no-no, we should look at the severity of our symptoms before rushing out to that spin class.

CNN reports about working out while sick, when it’s okay to head to the gym or best to stay in bed. If you just have the common cold with sniffles and no fever, the go ahead and work out. Though you should definitely refrain from spreading your cooties at the gym while sick, a home workout can be just what the doctor ordered to help you kick that cold. Director of sports medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center Dr. Wayne Stokes explains, “If you are mildly sick, [staying] active will promote your immune function, and help you sleep better.”

Personal trainer Idalis Velazquez admits to working out when she has a mild cold. She explains, “When I have a mild cold or stuffy nose ... I don't push myself or place any higher demand on my body during those sessions. I treat it like an active recovery day and I tell my clients to do the same.”

But what if you’re in the middle of or recovering from a stomach bug like the norovirus, with vomiting or diarrhea? This is an instance where staying in bed or resting at home is going to help you. Breaking a sweat can cause you to dehydrate easily while suffering from a stomach bug, making your situation that much worse.

A fever or a flu are also instances where bed rest is just what the doctor ordered. Even if you begin to feel better, doctors say it’s best to wait until your fever has been gone for a full 24 hours before beginning with your workout routine again. If you overexert yourself while suffering from the flu it is highly likely that your symptoms will last longer and your road to recovery will be that much harder.

What do you think of the advice to exercise through a mild cold but stay away from your workout during the flu and stomach bugs?

Do you listen to your body and cut out your workout while sick?

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