Hot Chocolate


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  • Prep Time:
    10 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    5 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    15 Mins
  • Level:
Hot Chocolate

Makes: 75 mugs

Description: Recipe for hot chocolate mix. Save some dollars by making it yourself.

1  Box powdered sugar (10X)
1  4 qt. package powdered milk
1  11 oz. jar Cremora
1  1 lb. tub chocolate milk powder (examples: Nesquik, Ovaltine, etc.)

Instructions: In a large bowl, stir all ingredients together until well mixed. Store in a large container with a lid. Spoon 4 tsp. mix into bottom of mug. Pour hot milk or water over mix. Stir well. Add toasted marshmallows, alcohol, or cinnamon if you wish. Wear warm fuzzy socks, a comfy sweater, and cuddle up in your favorite fuzzy blanket by the fireplace. Sip often and enjoy!

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Author image by Kuhnsgurl | BURTON, WV    
Sep 13, 2017

It's really yummy.

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