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  • mellymom28 By  mellymom28    


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  • fixfamily5 By  fixfamily5    

    I love these little cupcakes, my 3 year old is eating them right now!! Safeway had an amazing deal on them last week and I bought them for $1.49!! I was ecstatic. I don't feel bad giving them to my kids or even having a whole package myself. I love the new Strawberry ones, but I love the lemon more! Remeber to look in your local grocery ads because they usually have them on sale and then you can get things cheaper with the store coupon also!!!

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  • suki1283 By  suki1283    

    Delicious but pricey. I don't think they taste "diet" at all.

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  • Shann829 By  Shann829    

    I really like this product but the down side is the portion you get is so small so that 100 calories doesn't go very far. When you think about it you are acutally eating a product that isn't diet it is just a smaller portion size to make it 100 calories. They are pricey as well for how much you get.

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    I love these snacks, but I have to agree unless they are on sale I dont buy them. The price is a little over the top for such a small amount of cupcakes. But, I dont feel guilty eating them and I dont at all think they taste like Diet Food. My kids love them too...they are a great size to put in lunches for school.

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