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  • kresnak By  kresnak    

    I love this! It cleans my tile and hardwood floors so well. My only issue is, I can't get it to pick up the water after I wash the floors. Maybe operator error, I don't know!

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  • KelsoBelle By  KelsoBelle    

    I use my Hoover Floor Mate on my tiled kitchen floor. My bathrooms are tiny, so it's really hard to use the Floor Mate in those rooms. My model is an older one and it's not quite as easy to maneuver as I would like. It's also fairly noisy. That said, it does a good job on the main part of the floor. I do have to go over grout areas more than once. I wish I knew if the newer models were a little easier to use. It certainly does a better job than my old mop.

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  • chatty45 By  chatty45    

    I never thought I would like scrubbing floors,,but the Hoover Floor mate makes my job easy and is easy to put together. The floor mate does a fantastic job cleaning.

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  • extexgirl By  extexgirl    

    Takes too long to clean. Doesn't clean well. Sucks having to clean all the parts all the time and you have to buy the hoover floormate cleaner for it, not to mention the filter too.. Had 2 of these and they both broke.....Not worth the money!

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  • QSMR123 By  QSMR123    

    I am not an easy person to impress when it comes to cleaning products, and I am usually on the skeptical side, but man, do I LOVE the Hoover Floormate! Let me tell you a story about my husband's house (Bachelor pad up until the day I moved in and his roomates moved out!).... floors so old that they dont even shine when they are soaking wet! Old, cheap, laminate tiles with scuff marks and dirt ground in. I have never been able to get this floor clean. I honestly figured I would try the floormate on a small area, see that it doesnt work and head on back to good old BB&B for a quick return credit. But, lo and behold, it passed the white sock test! For the first time since living in this house, I am able to wak to the sink for a drink of water without having to put shoes on first...LOL

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