Holiday Style: Three Ways to Festive Fashion

   By shefinds  Dec 07, 2009

We know the agony of pouring over a simple two-word dress code like  "festive attire" or "holiday casual " and wondering if every outfit you try on will brand you as the one guest who didn’t get it. Most dress codes these days can be interpreted fairly loosely, but there are still a few guidelines we like to follow - here are our three best tips:

Tip 1: When the invite says "festive attire," integrate one (or two, but not all) of these three components into your outfit: volume, sparkle, or rich color or fabric. This can be a fun tulle skirt, a huge cocktail ring, or a party dress in sapphire silk - all pieces that are a little more dressed-up than your normal night-out outfit, but no there’s need to go full-fledged red-carpet-worthy, even if it is the holidays.

Tip 2: You don’t have to wear heels, but make your shoes special. Heels are one way to go, of course - we love them in holiday colors we wouldn’t wear to work, like Champagne or Silver - but an embellished pair of flats can also look totally party-appropriate. Banana Republic has several cute pairs - we like these, because gold and big rhinestones basically equal festive--high heels or not. And it’s amazing the magic a special pair of shoes can work to make you feel party-ish.

Tip 3: Go easy on the hair. You’re probably going to have a canape in on hand and a glass of wine in the other, and it’s not that awesome to be the guest who keeps checking herself out in anything shiny: Try for something relatively fuss-free., If you have long hair, we suggest tousled waves - they look better a little messy, so there’s no need to constantly primp. For shorter hair, just add texturizer, scrunch, and go.,

Visit  for more advice on holiday party dressing - it’s one of our favorite fashion times of year.

What fashion piece makes you feel festive?

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kbrownlaw by kbrownlaw | Chicago, IL
Dec 16, 2009

You can never go wrong with deep red silk. I have a strapless silk top from Banana Republic that I wear all season!

Colodreamer by Colodreamer | LOUISVILLE, CO
Dec 14, 2009

A really great necklace adds just the right touch to any outfit! I'm loving the big and bold shapes this season, they can still be monochromatic but can really amp up any look!

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Dec 10, 2009

Love the tips. I like to make a holiday outfit more festive with great shoes. If I go more monochromatic, I amp up the clutch and jewelry.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Dec 09, 2009

An ornate pair of earrings and my designer vintage clutch.

pjclayton57 by pjclayton57 | Oceanport, NJ
Dec 08, 2009

I have a beautiful velvet dress that I like to wear for holiday parties....I've had it for years but it still looks great and I get a lot of compliments on it. I really can't wear it for too many other occassions, so it's my favorite holiday dress!

NYCBeautyAddict by NYCBeautyAddict | NEW YORK, NY
Dec 07, 2009

I think you should keep the leg black with medium to dark black hose for a long, leggy look. I also think you can experiment with lace or texture, so long as it's black. I hope that helps!!

mcmillancatherine by mcmillancatherine | Eagle River, AK
Dec 07, 2009

I need help with nylons!! What is the etiquette on this now? What if I am wearing a black dress and red shoes? The occasion is a dinner for the Eva Foundation. Help!

Jcbuser by Jcbuser | WINDSOR, CO
Dec 07, 2009

Love the shoes in the photo - what a great idea. I have so many Holiday parties - 3 in one week! These ideas help. Thanks!