Hoagie Spread


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  • Prep Time:
    1 Hr
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    1 Hr
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Hoagie Spread

Makes: 12 12

Description: Just like an Italian hoagie, but in small tasty bites.

1 lb  Cooked Ham
1lb  Capicola
1lb  Cooked Salami
1 lb  American Cheese
1 lb  Provolone Cheese
To your taste  Mayonnaise
To your taste  Chopped onion
To your taste  Shredded lettuce
To your taste  Dried tomatoes
To your taste  Oregano and Italian seasoning
1 Loaf  Italain bread broken up in pieces

Instructions: Dice all meat and cheese, shred lettuce, dice onions, mix with mayo and seasonings. Break up Italian bread into bite size pieces, serve the dip/spread with the pieces of bread...goes over great every time!!!

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  • Author image By sue478
    Feb 06, 2013   Edit

    Have not tried it yet but it sounds like something I would enjoy

  • Author image By kalibuffa011
    Mar 14, 2012   Edit

    sounds good! will try this out!

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