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  • oh_nerdy By  oh_nerdy    

    I would love to try this one, I have been looking for a cute "fanny pack" for a long time. This fits exactly what I need in style and fit. I too have the htc, needing it on bike rides, walks and outings is obvious in todays world. Sounds like I would like this very much.

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  • ctucker45 By  ctucker45    

    I found out about this hip bag from Woman's World magazine. They are stylish and functional for carrying your cellphone, keys, a couple credit cards, cash and stick of lipstick or chapstick. I have the HTC EVO which is one of the larger phones out there on the market and it fits perfectly. No fear of it falling out. There is a slot behind the bag for the cell phone and a zippered part for carrying other items. Inside the zippered part is a pouch built into the lining. This pouch that that can be worn 3 ways. With the strap extended, it can be worn around the waist or over the opposite shoulder. By removing the strap, it can be clipped onto your belt loops (very hippish) :) They're several colors and materials to choose from but the basic structure is pretty much the same with all of the bags. One size is 4.5" by 4.5" and the other size is 5.5' by 5.5" for passport size which they state can hold a camera. Love this little bag! It can be used for shopping hands-free, walking the dog, going to the casino, bike riding etc...

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