Hip, Hip, Hurray! January 8 is Bubble Bath Day!

   By thebutlerdidit  Jan 08, 2012

Everyone has memories of playing in a tub full of bubbles. I can remember my sisters and I creating "hairstyles" with the bubbles until we got bored and rinsed them out. We'd also write letters on each others' backs and try to guess what they were. My own kids had their favorite bath toys to play with. The oldest liked his plastic bath figurines and buckets, while the younger loved shoving  wet washcloths into a plastic funnel, creating what he called "Benny Cakes" that he'd line up along the edge of the bathtub (I was the customer). 

I find that a nice hot bubble bath is the single most relaxing activity in the world. My bathtub is my sanctuary. I chose a Japanese soaking tub  before choosing a house plan. That's how serious I am about bathing.  My tub is round, it's deep, it's quiet, and it's the best place I know of for total relaxation.  Here's my recipe for the Ultimate Bath Experience:


  • Find some long-lasting, deliciously scented bubble bath.
  • Hold the phone - no calls or cell!
  • Lock the door, taking care that the kids are on the other side of it.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Find a good book.
  • Make sure you have a dry towel within reach (to prevent  damage to your book).
  • Grab a glass of something cold to drink - ice water is my preference, because I like my baths HOT!
You've probably noticed that candles, loud Jacuzzi jets, and wine are absent from my  bath list. I read in the tub, so my experience is geared towards being as book-friendly as possible. What's your recipe for the Ultimate Bath Experience? Are you a bathtub reader like I am? Book or Kindle? However you enjoy your bubbles, take some time out of your busy schedule for some good clean fun!
If you know someone suffering from post-holiday stress, remind them about Bubble Bath Day by  sending them a Bubble Bath Day e-Card from 123 Greetings.


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zenfulwoman by zenfulwoman | West Babylon, NY
Jan 09, 2012

I love to take a buble bath in those really fancy tubs that the graphic shows.

plong22 by plong22 | BLAIRSVILLE, PA
Jan 09, 2012

I hate taking baths but my kids love in play in the tub.

DebbieDebbie by DebbieDebbie | Bellevue , NE
Jan 08, 2012

I'm not a mom yet but I also feel that a hot bubble bath is God's girft to woman. The cold drink is a must! Sometimes I'm a bath reader and some times I set my laptop on the counter top and watch a chick flick that I know my guy wouldn't really want to watch. When picking out a bubble bath I always look for one that will not dry my skin out. Like Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy Dream Bath