Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Adult

Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Adult

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Great brand that is recommended by veterinarians. I feed it to my dog and she stays healthy. The only thing is they are constantly changing their formula and it sometimes makes my dog not want to eat it. It will take about a week for her to get used to it again.

Hill's is awesome! They are not cheap, but if you want your pet to have a strong and silky coat, good teeth, and stay active, this is a great brand!

My puppy loved this food and I felt good about feeding it to her. It didn't upset her stomach like some foods have.

I love Science Diet. I don't use this product specifically but I do feed our animals other Science Diet products. no complaints at all!

I love Science Diet. I have 2 cats, one short-hair & one long-hair. The long hair LOVES to eat hair!?! Then he hacks up the hairballs almost daily. The vet recommended the hairball formula, which I tried. It helped some. I tried a combo of the sensitive stomach and the hairball formula...and it works! Rarely hacks up the hairballs now.

wouldn't feed our terrier anything else. She gorps it down so she obviously loves it. Their customer service is great too. Answers any and all questions.

My dog throws up everything he eats! This food is a little expensive, but I was willing to try it for my poor dog, and he doesn't throw up any more! My husband and I were thrilled! This is great! I just wish it wasn't so expensive. :(

I tried this kind when we first got a dog , the price is way to much , and it is hard to get . I give them Iams only no dyes

I feed my three dogs this food they love it. It is good for them and not too expensive.

I have a malteese and would give her nothing but the best. That is why I give her science Diet brand dog food.

Used to give this to my old man before he passed... It was great - he was able to keep it down when most other foods would just come back up on him...

My cats love the Science Diet brand. It seems to be one of the few brands that it really healthy for pets This is the only brand that we will use for them.. It's expensive but it's worth all of the money.

I have two dogs, a puggle and a mixed terrier. Had problems with their last food and my vet. had me to switch to this. it worked great. no stomach problems and has helped the with their weight problem. I would recomend this to anyone who has a pet

I love Science Diet! I have a PUG and she has weight problem and this is the only thing that works. Love it