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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    My dog was having some GI issues and I switched to this brand. His diarrhea stopped and he hasn't had any issues since the switch. He seems to like the taste. Its kind of expensive, but if it keeps my dog healthy- I'm all for it!

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  • daniellearnold_89 By  daniellearnold_89    

    My dog doesn't like this food very much. When we mix this food in with his favorite food he will eat it right up, but for some reason he just doesn't like the taste.

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  • cocoabella By  cocoabella    

    Recently I fed my dog a bag of HILL'S SCIENCE DIET IDEAL BALANCE ADULT- CHICKEN & BROWN RICE when I was selected to participate in a BzzCampaign with BzzAgent. I had never tried Science Diet's dog food before, though I had heard how healthy they are for our pets. I read the list of ingredients on HILL'S SCIENCE DIET IDEAL BALANCE ADULT- CHICKEN & BROWN RICE, and I was impressed. I always look for a dog food which lists meat as the number one ingredient. All of the ingredients of this dog food were impressive. When this dog food came in the mail my dog was very excited, because she knew there was something for her in the box. I opened the package right away and gave her a handful of this dry kibble. She quickly devoured it and wanted more, as if it was a treat and not just dog food. I was anxious for dinner time to come to see if her enthusiasm for this food would continue when I filled her food bowl. Come dinner time I fed her HILL'S SCIENCE DIET IDEAL BALANCE ADULT- CHICKEN & BROWN RICE, she chowed down on this dry kibble fast and without any hesitation. I thought to myself that she really must like this new dog food. But I wanted to continue on feeding her the entire bag, to see if she would continue eating it so enthusiastically, each day. The product test with HILL'S SCIENCE DIET IDEAL BALANCE ADULT- CHICKEN & BROWN RICE was a success, judging by my dog?s reactions. Each day I fed her this dog food she ate it with gusto until she quickly finished the bag. She didn?t have any stomach upset from eating it, and her stools were solid and of regular size. This dog food is the veterinarian recommended brand for your dog. It is rated 3 stars by DogFoodAdvisor. It sells for $10.99 for a 4 lb. bag, 15 lbs. for $29.99 at Petsmart. My view of this dog food: I think it is a good food for your dog.

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