Hill's Prescription Diet T/D Feline

Hill's Prescription Diet T/D Feline

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Let me tell you why your vet sells this. Your vet is not a pet nutritionist. But I bet that if you ask him/her what foods are recommended, and THEN ask what foods that are high quality/GOOD for them, your answers will be different. It depends on how much they know or care about nutrition. Because most vets aside from holistic vets) carry prescription food. They go with whichever company offers the lowest deal. I know I work in a clinic and we have almost switched what we carry due to that. Only the "big" brands for whatever reason make prescription diets, and their foods all have grains, fillers, and by-products. I'm sad to see so many people failing to do research and blindly taking information they hear at face value. Have I used this? Yes. I bought a bag begrudgingly for my cat who has genetic gum disease that was acting up. I figured even if people eat a twinkie a week, it won't kill them. If your cat just is getting older and has bad gums and teeth due to that, this food won't fix that. Brushing won't fix that.. They need a dental and then things to prevent it from getting bad again. Anyways, I bought a bag for my cat and they are meant to be speckled lightly over the regular food or used as treats. NOT as food. They are big and grainy. The cat would not eat them, as he is treat fussy. I ended up giving them once in a while to my other genetic gum disease cat. I did not see any improvement and I was unhappy about giving something so healthy to my cats even as a treat. In the future I would prefer a grain-free, human meat grade treat that is hard and grainy enough to help their teeth a bit.

Great product! We sell this at the veterinary clinic I work at and have seen great results with our feline patients. My only dislike is that the kibble is fairly greasy. It does cost a little extra, but works great as a treat. Just freeze what's left in the bag to keep is fresh!

T/D is terrific! My 8-year-old Siamese has been on it for several years now, and each time he visits the vet, the vet marvels at how his teeth are in such great shape. He credits the T/D. Both my older cat and my new kitten love the taste of T/D, too. So there is the benefit of their dental health being aided, while they think they are just eating tasty food! T/D is a little pricey, and is available by prescription only, but I'm sure most vets would gladly approve of this wonderful food. In fact, my vet even sells it.