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  • MommyFavorites By  MommyFavorites    

    Love the concept. Kids were really excited when they received their first Hexbug Nano. The only problem is it went under our refrigerator. Not fun having to move a built in refrigerator to get the Hexbug.

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  • skalett04 By  skalett04    

    I bought Hexbugs for my nephews recently and played with them. They seem to love Hexbugs and I am impressed what they can do. They use up a lot of batteries though

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  • Coltonsmama2011 By  Coltonsmama2011    

    These are fun, we love Hexbugs!

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  • singlemommyof2 By  singlemommyof2    

    I bought 1 for my son at Christmas. We had a lot of fun with it for a couple hours but kept getting lost under furniture and I had to unwind my hair out of the wheels. But they are fast, fun little things.

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  • psychscorp By  psychscorp    

    At first I thought they were a little creepy to be honest, but once I played with them myself they are a lot of fun. We have the bridge battle and one other habitat set. I agree with the other review that the batteries drain pretty quickly.

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I think these things are neat but my son with autism really wont play with them

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  • lori74 By  lori74    

    my kids love this product! my daughter at 10 likes to arrange the tracks in new and challenging ways and my son (6) love to just watch them move and run over each other...awesome for all ages and boys and girls!

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  • happycrystal By  happycrystal    

    My 5 yr. old son loves these! When my mom found out he likes them so much, she started buying them for him and now he has a little army of them. The habitat sets are great as they allow for constant movement of the bugs and the parts are interchangeable so you can change the set up often. We get them as birthday gifts now because of the price and because of the novelty. They are making glow in the dark hex bugs now which my son really loves. Fun to play with and fun to collect.

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  • mrsterrymom1 By  mrsterrymom1    

    these are cool little toys and they are even better when you have the whole setup..all the passageways you fit together like a puzzle I guess you can say..only thing with this toy is that it runs out of batteries quick ...my children each got one and played with them for 4 days straight and they were very sluggish after that fourth day...Oh and did I mention they are very expensive..you pay a lot for a small toy and for the battery to run out as quickly as it did its not a very good deal...

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  • w2005blc By  w2005blc    

    My kids both got one of these a few months ago. They like them, but get tired of them quickly. They are fun, but they don't do much more than run around. They don't make any noise or anything like that. They do pick them up once in awhile and play with them, but they don't hold interest for a long time.

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