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The Bond Between Moms and Brands

Social media has revolutionized how moms interact with each other online, and it is now also transforming how moms and brands communicate. However, many questions arise about how brands should initiate and maintain a dialogue online. [Download the report]

Do moms really want to have a relationship with brands through social media? If so, who should be initiating the dialogue? Do women just want coupons and promotional information, or do they actually want to have a conversation with a brand? Is social media replacing email as the key communications channel between moms and brands?

SheSpeaks and Mom-entum interviewed nearly 800 moms to answer the questions shown here and learned that brands have an enormous opportunity to initiate and sustain relationships with moms through multiple digital channels. Beyond "liking" brands on Facebook or following them on Twitter, moms expect brands to engage with them via social media by answering questions, providing customer service and personalizing content and promotions. Given the right content, moms actually welcome the experience of brands initiating conversations with them. And while social media continues to grow, brand Websites and email still have important roles in fostering the relationship between moms and brands.

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