Hershey's  chocolate spread

Hershey's chocolate spread

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Addicting I had this on from ice creams, warm brownies to apples. Tasty

I love the flavor because I love chocolate but I just can't find that many uses for it to keep it in my house on a regular basis. I've only ever eaten it by spreading it on graham crackers. I really couldn't see myself putting it on bread like other spreads so I'm not sure what people use it for.

Love it! Definitely love this product. Have always been looking for a nutella like product without the hazelnuts and this is amazing. Love it!

Yummy This is heaven for any chocolate lover out there. Its great on pretzels, fruit, bread. Its spreads smoothly and on top of that it is delicious. Definately a must have in my house.

This is the best thing that was ever invented! If you are a Hershey chocolate fan then this a must have! Imagine pretzels, chips, bananas, crackers, strawberries dipped in Hershey chocolate! Good, now go and try it for yourself! You won't regret it!

This product is heaven, especially for a chocolate lover like me

If your a chocolate lover then this stuff is for you! My kids like it with vanilla wafers

I love having this on my sliced apple, pretzel crisps, strawberries , or even right out of the jar with a spoon..shh! The best combo is dipping a pretzel crisp in peanut butter and then the hershey spread.

OK, it IS candy in a jar. Let's just call it what it is. This is so delicious. Easy to get carried away dipping any kind of crunchy stick snack, cookies, pretzels etc.

I love chocolate spreads! As soon as this came out I was so excited to buy it. I really have to be careful because this can be gone in just a few days! So far I have only tried the chocolate spread, but I would like to try other flavors.

Good taste just pricey.

I recently got the chocolate almond spread, and personally I like it. It very smooth and glides on very easily. It has a smooth chocolate taste to it. The only complain I have is the price. It almost $4 for a small jar. Which does not make this a good alternative to Nutella. It the price that keeps it from being that.

great with strawberries I could eat it all day

This stuff is hard to stop eating, so be careful if you are watching your weight. I eat it by the spoonful.

i do not like the flavor