Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray

Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray

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I needed hairspray that would hold my hair without stiffness.This did a pretty good job but my hair was a still a bit stiff but not too bad. I could handle it. I needed something that lasted me all day, this hairspray did the trick perfectly! It worked great when I teased my hair and held it in place for the entire day. I also used it lightly to keep stray hairs in place and got same great result. Another little downfall is that it is a bit sticky if you get it on your hands. I like to touch my hair or give it a little fix after applying hairspray and after using this my hands get sticky. But no big deal for me. The spray comes out perfectly without any clumping. Another great factor is the scent. I love it so much. So feminine. I noticed that all Herbal Essence have great scents! Overall I loved it!

Great hold! Awesome smell! Great hold! I use this in aerosol and its my favorite! I recommend this for an all day hold

I love the smell of this hairspray. The hold is just enough with out getting the whole 80's thing going again:)

I have this hairspray in the aerosol and I love it!

Love the brand , but this weight down my hair and don't last much.....

I love this product and it is super affordable and works great!

I love this hairspray! Not only does it work amazing but it smells delicious. It doesn't have even a hint of that nasty hairspray smell! LOVE IT!

Good stuff

Love the spray.use it alot.would even use and buy it all the time if there would be a strong or extra strong hold.

dosent make my hair feel hard so im good

While I am thankful for receiving this product, I was disappointed. I can not use and form of hairspray. I am allergic to it and it breaks me out. While this hairspray smelled great, I wasn't able to use it.

I liked this hairspray..... It's not heavy at all it held my hair and I loved the smell!!!

The only thing I liked was the smell. It did not hold my hair at all. Am surprised they can sell it as hairspray!

I really did not like this hairspray. I like the fact that is more natural than a lot of cheaper hair sprays-but that was the only good thing about it. Using it is like spraying your hair with water. It made my hair flat instead of keeping the volume and style to my hair. I would not use this again.