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  • tlw871 By  tlw871    

    Love the smell

    Love the smell however did not help too much with frizziness plus left my hair with an oily texture which I hated.

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  • constanza By  constanza    

    Good perfume

    It's not the best. I don't like that left my hair with white scalp after using it and dried. I like the smell though but it's not enough for frizz in Hawaii :(

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  • beherenow524 By  beherenow524    

    Smells good! You can always expect herbal essences to leave you hair smelling gorgeous. However, there are better products out there for women with uncontrollable hair. Takes some of the frizz, but does not change the overall feel of the hair.

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  • abailey109 By  abailey109    

    I have unruly locks. That being said, so free products help at all with my frizz. This product is no exception. I gave it away agree one week of use. The only pro is that it smells amazing.

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  • Debbiehickman By  Debbiehickman    

    The smell of this product is delectable! I have dyed and processed hair so I'm always looking for a great hydrating product! This one has pleasantly surprised me. My hair feels like new!

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  • Phoniex1018 By  Phoniex1018    

    I started using this conditioner because i went natural with my hair(no more chemically processing it) and i wanted a good moisturizer to keep my hair hydrated, the consitancey is smooth not to thick or watery which i like it more of a cream and the smell is devine, it leaves my hair soft and moisturized all day and never hard or crunchy

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