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  • Catz1727 By  Catz1727    

    great product and i love the fragrance.. and for the price you can't beat it. leaves your hair manageable

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  • sarahleannbradshaw1989 By  sarahleannbradshaw1989    


    I bought this because I found it on sale at my local Brookshire's for $1 each after a coupon and a sale they had. OMG this shampoo smells AMAZING. My 9 year old daughter loves it too, she's always stealing it from my bathroom.

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  • momof3girls1006 By  momof3girls1006    

    I love this shampoo!!! It smells so good. Definitely a good buy.

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  • Qurshid By  Qurshid    

    I like the smell of the herbal essence shampoo and conditioner each shampoo and conditioner has a different smell.It keeps my hair smell awesome.

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  • cajmonet24 By  cajmonet24    

    these smell so good my daughter loves playin my hair every time i wash it with these

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  • iHeart_Skin_Hair_nMakeup By  iHeart_Skin_Hair_nMakeup    

    I love the HH LTR Leave-in! It makes my hair extremely soft and moisturized. The smell is wonderful. I was afraid it was going to be one of those "kiddie"-type fruity, raspberry scents- but it's a very grown up fragrance that lasts for a long time. Love this stuff!!

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  • hannahrenee26 By  hannahrenee26    

    I use this conditioner and their leave-in conditioner as well, it smells really good and leaves my hair feeling very very soft.

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  • tyesha22 By  tyesha22    

    One of my favorite products. I use the leave-in as a moisturizer. It leaves my hair soft and moisturized. I would purchase this again.

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  • Aspiringauthor09 By  Aspiringauthor09    

    This shampoo and conditioner kept my hair nourished and conditioned from scalp to end! And it smells soooo delicious! I always use herbal essences, because IT ALWAYS WORKS!!!

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  • Kvsang By  Kvsang    

    After a month this stuff made my hair a bit longer. Also after one use, it made it alot silkier too.

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  • sonica23 By  sonica23    

    OH I LOVE this product i would definitly recommend this to my friends (all thoug i already have) i used the one for curly hair although i cant find the leave in conditioner any more around here!!!! would someone tell me where i can find that product?

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    Smells great! Great Price!

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  • prettygirl8 By  prettygirl8    

    Smells AMAZING!

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  • ScottsSweetie09 By  ScottsSweetie09    

    This product is awesome. Being a mother of two teen daughters,I have to stock up on these.They really love the way way it leaves their hair smelling and the healthy look they get from it.I have used it quiet often and really like the results.Hydration is one thing it definitely delivers.

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  • DebsHere By  DebsHere    

    This shampoo works great for my hair and makes it look great~shiny and smooth! I love the scent of this too~smells great!

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