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  • Chassidyrose69 By  Chassidyrose69    

    Not for me

    Will dry out your skin. Makes it covered in funk and grossness. Smells good but to know how bad it is, is a negative.

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  • Rosymw By  Rosymw    

    refreshing body wash!

    I absolutely love this body wash! The smell is amazing & lasts a while. I use it on my loofah and it lathers nicely & leaves my skin feeling so clean.

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  • Sousafam12 By  Sousafam12    

    The smell is really nice and inviting. But I would have to say that it is not for me. I already have an issue with dry skin and it intensified that. I was super itchy and dry even after applying lotion. Will not use again because of that fact

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  • jessiboo By  jessiboo    

    It always leaves you feeling refreshed and clean! Love the smell!

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  • Calibabe06 By  Calibabe06    

    I have been using herbal essence body wash for years! I love the way it leaves my body smelling fresh and clean it also doesn't make my skin feel to dry or leave a soap film like some soaps do.

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  • Olysichka By  Olysichka    

    Smells great !

    This body wash smells amazing, and I like the way my skin feels after using this !

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  • sjetta1313 By  sjetta1313    

    Smell lasted for hours

    Loved the smell,also loved the smell of my skin after getting out of the shower.The smell lasted for a couple hours after getting out of shower

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  • candries By  candries    

    I really liked Clairol Herbal Essences Body Wash. The fragrance was lovely and it lathered well. The only down side is that my skin was a little dry....I need more moisturizer!

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  • turtlegirl94 By  turtlegirl94    

    For the price of this product, I believe that it should provide more hydration. I have oily skin and it left my skin pretty dry. It does have a very refreshing scent, but I would stick with items that have shea or other oils if you're looking for true hydration.

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  • RachelRitaRae By  RachelRitaRae    

    The smell is light and refreshing, feels great to put on and leaves your skin smooth. Great amount and good pricing.

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  • JessicaG34 By  JessicaG34    

    This has helped a lot adding moisture to my body. I have now been buying this regularly.

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  • Krissynichole By  Krissynichole    

    Smells good but to me it is like any other normal soap it did not make my skin any smother.

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  • steelkat By  steelkat    

    Love the shampoo thought this would be as good. .... i felt for a body wash it was a bit to thin and watery.....

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  • maowens By  maowens    

    Great body wash! Love the scent and makes tons of lather. I sometimes use it even for bubble bath!

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  • j92311 By  j92311    

    I did not find anything extraordinary about this body wash. The price was nice and so was the scent

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