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  • Gina679 By  Gina679    

    HempZ Age Defying Moisturizer.

    I love this line of products. Their moisturizer comes in a large bottle and the price is very reasonable. I have tried several moisturizers for some dry spots that my dermatologist recommended and they didn't help. This moisturizer goes on easily, is light weight, smells great. I can honestly say this is the only skin moisturizer that I actually used the entire bottle. I am halfway through my 3rd bottle.

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  • Ladonna918 By  Ladonna918    

    Love this!

    Love this stuff! It smells great and really packs a moisturizing punch! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple but never greasy. Lovely scent too!

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  • Staskosgirl By  Staskosgirl    

    Smells Delicious

    I can?t vouch for this particular scent only the original but I love the scent of the original. The lotion feels great and isn?t oily. It?s overpriced at almost $20 a bottle so I only purchase at stores like Marshalls.

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  • Msalas27 By  Msalas27    

    My friend recommended this and I fell in love just like she did. They have awesome scents and it keeps your skin supple for hours.

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  • cheyeannoliver By  cheyeannoliver    

    This lotion leaves your skin feeling super soft without feeling heavy or sticky, which during the summer is a must!! i also use thier lip balm and love it!

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  • BeccaAlvi By  BeccaAlvi    


    I absolutely LOVE this lotion. It is super silky and smells great which is a plus! I use the purple one all the time!

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  • MimiC4 By  MimiC4    

    Nice lotion

    My daughter is the one that got me to try this lotion and I have to say it is great!

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  • Classysarah By  Classysarah    

    Love the light fragrance this has. It provides great hydration all day long without feeling greasy! Also thinks it helps firm up the skin, which is a plus!

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  • mbinnall11 By  mbinnall11    

    love the smell

    Very moisturizing on dry winter skin. I love the scent

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  • lindsay1211 By  lindsay1211    

    Best lotion ever!

    I love this lotion. Makes my skin super soft and it soaks into my skin much better then any other lotion. For sure the only lotion i will ever buy!

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  • Meaganalora By  Meaganalora    

    Best scent

    This is one of the best smelling lotions! I have big bottles and mini bottles. It provides moisture without being sticky.

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  • oregongirl420 By  oregongirl420    

    hempz :)

    I LOVE hempz :) I am a housekeeper and my hands go through alot. I'm exposed to chemicals, water, and linen. This product healed my hands. Hemp does wonders

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  • jackiew0929 By  jackiew0929    

    This is my all time favorite lotion, my skin feels hydrated after using and I love the smell!

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  • ElephantsRule By  ElephantsRule    

    I absolutely love this brand!! its silky on the skin and my skin always feels moisturized after using it:) No reaction and I have the most sensitive skin. I love the blue one the most! Its smells fruity and delicious!:)

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  • brandip1177 By  brandip1177    

    Hempz lotion

    I have really dry skin and I have tried a lot of lotions with very little luck. When I was done at the beauty salon my hair dresser gave me a little bottle of Hempz lotion and I fell in love. It smells good and it's not expensive. I use it on my face as well and my skin is very soft. I get a lot of compliments on my skin. I have sensitive skin and this product works wonders.

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