Heluvagood French Onion Sour Cream Dip

Heluvagood French Onion Sour Cream Dip

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Mouthwatering Dip I love this dip. We don't buy it often, and when we do we usually have a coupon. It's very creamy due to the use of the sour cream base. It's a favorite in our house.

This is my go to dip for surprise visitors it is always a hit!

Super good and you will need to buy a couple at a time because it wont last it is that good! Best flavor and heck the price is even better. Even all four of my kids like it

Awesome dip! I use it for tortilla chips,potato chips,ect. It is out of this world!

The best dip you can buy in my dairy section. I love it, it's got the right amount of onion that's not overpowering, but settles so well with the sour cream to make this a really well-blended dip. I love it with Ruffles, especially.

Favorite in my house. I like that it's thick and very flavorful!

This is one of my favorite ready made dips! Perfect for parties! Great price and I often find it on sale or coupons out for it!

It's expensive but it is good and it disappears fast

This dip is very tasty but I think it's a bit expensive. We actually buy a store brand that is delicious and quite a bit cheaper. I would recommend it taste wise though.

WOW this is a hell of a dip lol I really like this brand but only when it's on sale. I normally buy sour cream and onion soup mix and make my own.

This is a great substitute for cream cheese or high-quality cheese , on your nachos!

This is the only dip I buy. I love it. It is creamy and just so good. I like it on baked potatoes too.

This is the best dip EVER. I could seriously sit down and eat an entire container of it in one sitting!

very good french onion taste i ate it with chips and pretzels both ways were really good it has actual chunks of onions that u can see unlike other dips that just have the powder its kind of pricey for the size but well worth it