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  • Di-CKF By  Di-CKF    


    Tried it at a friends, LOVED it. Everything included. Unfortunately bit pricy for me to do right now.

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    Food Subscription service -- 3 meals per week delivered to your door. I tried this during a super busy time in my house last week -- picked out meals and they delivered to my house with all the items need to cook each meal. Recipe cards and ingredients all put together. It was great -- helped out tremendously... You can customize when you get delivery and what meals you want each week. My kids loved it and we made the dinners together. Coupon Code H8GX95 -- you will get $20$ off your first order // this helped me in trying it for sure... Can be pricy for a family of 4ea - but I got the 2ea box and it fed 3 of us just fine...

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