HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy

HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy

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This particular product didn't really help my poor feet. I used it for a month and there really wasn't any improvement and the smell wasn't very appealing to me.

During the winter my skin is extra dry, I applied this on my heels and it sure did work. My socks used to snag my heel because of how rough my husband would let me play footsies but after using this product he even noticed the difference. Great product!

I only tried this because my mother had bought it and recommended it. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I applied it once and almost instantly saw a difference in my heels. The dryness was significantly reduced. After a couple of applications my heel was back to soft. It was wonderful!

I wear sandals all year so I have really rough, dry heels. This is one of the many products I've tried. They help soften my heels a little but I have to use constantly. I found others to work much better.

I have to agree that this product does work well. However, I can hardly stand the smell and the greasy feeling. I have nearly busted my tail when I have had to get out of bed with it on my feet. I also don't like feeling stuck to my sheets. My solution for the problem is to put on extra and then put socks on over it, which helps greatly! I regularly give myself pedicures at home so I don't use it every night but I am glad I have it when I need it.

I hope they never stop making this! It works quickly.

I use this product on a daily basics just because cracked heels is not my forte. Even though Heeltastic is effective I do not like the smell or the greasy feeling that I'm gonna slip on fall on my floor...I haven't yet though! I haven't found another product that works the way this one does, so I will continue to use with caution :)

I love this stuff. It's very greasy though, so wear socks when you put it on. Since it's summer, and I don't wear socks, I put it on my feet before I go to the gym. I get a workout and my feet are really soft and smooth.

I never in my right mind thought that I would buy into all those "As seen on TV products" but I now have second thoughts about them. My heels for years have always been bad in the winter time. So bad that the skin would become very thick then dry and lastly would crack and would even bleed. I tried everything under the sun from Dr. Scholls foot creams to just plain old lotions to try to reduce the cracking. For months now I have seen a product on TV called HeelTastic and told myself it's just another gimmick. One day I was in my local ALCO store and saw they had "As seen on TV products" and just happened to look at the top shelf and there it was...Heeltastic. So I decided to buy it for the $9.99 price and I AM SO HAPPY I DID! Within 2 days of using this fantastic little roll-on on my heels are in the best shape that they have ever been in the winter. Very smooth and soft. I am very SATISFIED with this product and will be a faithful user of it.

The product meets the claims made in adverts. When I noted the product container telling me to "Watch dry cracked heels disappear," I was skeptical. My feet were extremely dry and damaged from wearing tennis shoes and socks in a dry, cold climate. I was too embarrassed to even think of wearing sandals. Amazingly, the Heel Tastic product is (so far) living up to the claims. The first time I used it, the damage to my feet was made instantly less visible. After a couple of uses, my feet not only LOOKED better, but they felt smoother and softer. At the end of a complete week, I missed putting on the product one night. The next morning, my feet were still looking and feeling just as nice. The ONLY downside (so far) is that, while the product's smell is not unpleasant, it is a bit strong.