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  • FireGirlEmt By  FireGirlEmt    

    I found this to be a waste of money and time. It did not taste good at all, trying to force yourself to drink it is a huge pain. I got to the point i would try anything and the taste was still as bad, and the taste seemed to linger. After forcing myself to drink it, i found that i have no weight loss from the product. I felt like i just wasted money and time by even trying this product. I don't think i would recommend it to anyone.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I find this to be the worst tasting product i had in a long time. it made me all bloated and i feel like i GAINED more weight just drinking this then i lost. just because it looks like fruit punch doesn't mean it taste like it. it was bitter and i had to gag a few times just trying to drink this down. i even tried to hold my breath and drink the whole thing, but the after taste hits big time...i will never buy this ever nor will i recommend this to any one of my friends.

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