Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Sweet Sesame Chicken

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Sweet Sesame Chicken

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These steamers meals are a great quick and easy meal to make! We used to get these all the time and I love always seeing the cheap deals on these!

My husband and I love these for lunch or dinner. I frequently take them for a quick but satisfying weekday lunch. They are frequently on sale so I stock up. I'm rarely without some in my freezer. They are a good quick dinner too when you don't feel like cooking and very tasty too.

These meals are soooo easy to make, never a mess and always great flavor. I wish some way the product could be a bit smaller to fit in my lunchbag but other than that I love them.

I really love these they are fast and easy to fx you just have to pop it inthe miocrowave and in 5 min you have a tasty and healthy meal. I wished there was more variety of these in my grocery store. I tried the Sweet Sesame Chicken and it was just great with the big chunks of chicken Im not a fan of carrots and peas but in the sesame sauce they were really good.

I purchased this product (Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers) on sale 5 for $10.00, and had I known I would have fallen in love with the sesame chicken I would have bought five. Too bad the sale was over when I tried the sesame chicken, nonetheless I continued purchasing Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers as I was sold on their product.

The steamers are my favorite frozen meals. They taste fresher and seem to fill me up more than other meals. They tend to be more expensive, but they are worth the cost.

Dishes range from $2.25 - $2.79. However, the local Kroger & Meijer Stores have been running specials. Buy 5 meals for $10.00. That's an affordable $2.00 person per meal. This encourages buyers to try product. Fantastic!   Secondly, the taste. Fabulous! I love steamed veggies. The quality of the vegetables are outstanding. The colors are so vibrant. The meat is juicy and tender! Absolutely scrumptious. I have also tired the meatless variety and loved them as well, though I am allergic to mushroom so that limits my choices. The variety of sauces are such a plus. I never feel like I'm eating the same thing.   I would also like to express the convenient packaging. Easy to open, flatten and toss in recycling bin. The information is  abundant and easy to read. Please include mushroom/ mushroom powder under the "Contains" heading. The slight swelling I get can be allowed.  Also, I wish there was a section that listed the calories without the sauce. Yes! When I remove my meal from my microwave oven, I peel back the film, lift steam tray and pour contents into the sauce, sit steam tray on film, eat my yummy meal, then pick up steam tray with film attached to bottom sit inside of empty bowl and toss. The simplicity is so relevant to the average person because it allows us to continue with our busy day.   Well done.

I was skeptical about another microwave meal, but I gave this one a chance and I loved it. Great flavor, easy to prepare and not to costly. I'm sure I will purchase more in the future and eat more warm meals at lunch instead of sandwiches.

They are pretty good and you get a good size portion.

they are healthy and easy to prepare the only problem is they quit seliing my fav at my store the shrimp with lobster sauce yummy,


This is my new favorite quick meal! Delicious, easy to prepare, healthy, and very tasty. I will buy these again.

I love this product as well! Great taste! Easy to fix!

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers are excellent in my opinion.I tried the Sweet Sesame Chicken variety.It had large,tender chunks of chicken,large pieces of carrot,mushroom,and peas that tasted fresh.The flavor was incredible.The cafe steamers are quick and easy to prepare,just 5 minutes in the microwave and it is ready to eat.They are also low in calorie,low in fat,high in nutrition.Very filling,you won't feel hungry after eating.