Haylie Pomroy The Fast Metabolism Diet

Haylie Pomroy The Fast Metabolism Diet

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I saw the infomercial for Haylie's diet system, and I talked my husband into joining me at it. Both of us are in relatively good shape and don't have any health issues (aside from high blood pressure). Here is what we found out. Pros: It can work, I lost about 10 pounds, my husband lost 15 pounds over the 28 days, most of it in the last couple of weeks. Cons: 1. The book, Fast Metabolism Diet, is rather disorganized and hard to follow - it took me several times to read the book before all of it made sense. I would suggest, that after you study the book the first time, then come up with a week long detailed menu plan, including your shopping list, and then reread the book again to see what you couldn't find the first few times - Don't think the possible recipes tell you everything. 2. The food preparation can be exhausting. We spent between 1 and 3 hours each night preparing food for the next day (and we made multiple day meals to keep things simple and used the simplest snacks possible); fortunately my husband knows how to cook and shop. So instead of relaxing, watching TV, etc in the evening we are shopping, cutting vegetables and preparing food for the next day. 3. Cut ALL of the fish cook times in half (or less)! Every time we followed the cook time for fish, the fish was over-cooked, dry and tasteless (we ruined $30 in fresh-caught halibut following her recipe on page 209). Summary: You should only try this if you have a lot of time on your hands (e.g. have no children, a part-time job, stay at home all day, a spouse who can work two jobs, or are rich enough to hire staff); and hope you like broccoli.

I'm doing a plan that incorporates metabolism retraining and found this book to have many great tips. I'm 40# down so far!

It is a lot of work to do all of the phases. I found trying to follow so many different steps just too troublesome. I am one to have a schedule and stick to it, but every time you change a phase you have to change the diet. I would recommend this for die hard dieters who have the time and energy to expend on this plan.

The basic idea of this diet plan is to keep your body and metabolism guessing by rotating what you eat throughout each week. This is a simple and proven plan carefully designed to induce precise physiological changes that set your metabolism on fire. While I did lose some weight, I didn't lose 20 pounds. Overall, I found this diet plan a little frustrating to follow. You can read my full review here: http://www.mywahmplan.com/2013/05/feeling-good-with-fast-metabolism-diet.html

This diet uses a somewhat different method than what most of us have used in the past. It is based on a 3 Phased approach on order to make your metabolism work faster by in a sense tricking it to do so. Check out my review post here: http://asimplelifereally.blogspot.com/2013/04/reviewthe-fast-metabolism-diet-byhaylie.html