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  • Meaganalora By  Meaganalora    

    Great scent!

    Love the scent of this sunscreen! It last a few hours before needing to reapply. It is not very greasy and is easy on eyes.

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  • livelove61364 By  livelove61364    

    Smells like heaven in a bottle

    I absolutely adore this stuff!!! I think it absorbs into the skin really well. There are spray versions of this product, but I prefer the lotion because they last longer.My absolute favorite lotion to use! Not only does it cover well, but the smell is scentsational! My new go to sunscreen.

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  • Charrlit By  Charrlit    

    Great moisturizer + sunscreen!

    Really like this sunscreen because it doesn't smell like chemicals and it also has two functions! It's a moisturizer and a sunscreen all in one. I also think it absorbs into the skin really well. Really glad I bought this!

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    ive tried many different types of sunscreen this was one of the bad ones the only thing it has going for it is the smell its a beautiful sent i like it alot but as for performance noooo. i rubbed it on and within less than half hour while in the sun i started to tan i was shocked and angry. the lotion however was way better than banana boat thick oily texture and the bottle was really comfortable to squeeze compared to others but protection was not great! if they improve on there protection this product will be amazing.

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  • Gabbin By  Gabbin    

    The smell of this lotion rocks (it doesn't smell clinical like so many others do). I used it a lot while lifeguarding, and in a 6 hour shift I only had to reapply once and didn't get burned. It also doesn't glop up often. The only thing to look out for is the cap- this brand in general seems to have fairly flimsy caps that break off easily, which can either dry out the lotion or make a real mess in whatever bag you're carrying it in.

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  • Kunis20 By  Kunis20    

    It's a good lotion based sun care product. The smell like is good. It does the job

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  • jdupree56 By  jdupree56    

    Perfect for maintaing a tan. There are spray versions of this product, but I prefer the lotion because they last longer. Smell is fantastic and gender neutral, just a good fresh tropic smell. Not runny and easy to apply.

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  • jenster11 By  jenster11    

    My absolute favorite lotion to use! Not only does it cover well, but the smell is scentsational! My skin looks so smooth and feels so soft while being protected! Highly recommend !

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  • SueSue516 By  SueSue516    

    I have been using Hawaiian Tropic products for years and have always loved the smell, feel, consistency and efficiency of all their products- this is no exception!! My new go to sunscreen is the HT Sheer Touch Crème Lotion :)

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  • lnpranch By  lnpranch    

    This is my favorite sunscreen of all time! If you haven't tried the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch products then you need 2. They are amazing!

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    This is really good lotion.

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  • cheselius By  cheselius    

    I just bought two bottles of this and used it yesterday in 90 degree weather. No sunburn and I didn't feel all sticky from using it. It's the best sunblock and the smell is wonderful. I only use Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen.

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  • floridamag By  floridamag     SheSpeaks Tester

    Loved got nice smell and give me nice golden color

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  • SchottlerC By  SchottlerC    

    My children love this sunscreen. The scent is fresh and gentle and they don't feel greasy and sticky after using it! This is a big plus for me as mom because the fight to get sunscreen on them just became a little easier!

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  • hgoncalves By  hgoncalves    

    I love this sunscreen! My skin doesn't feel as sticky as it does with other brands. The scent is really great too! I use the SPF 30, though.

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