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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Feels like heaven after a terrible burn. Moisturizes and helps the skin recuperate. I get terrible burns and I would never go back to that aloe gel after using this. It doesn't leave a film, and really provides healing.

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  • mmrodriquez07 By  mmrodriquez07    

    I absolutely love the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion! I absolutely hate sunburns! They are horrible! So, when I came across the After Sun Lotion/Crème I was skeptical. However, after the first time I tired it I was in love! It smells amazing, but that because I love how coconut smells, and it soothes your skin. I did put a small amount on my face that did have a bit of a burn on it so it did sting just a bit but I took my towel and blotted my face and no more sting. I then used it on my arms and legs and it felt amazing. My skin was soft and felt fresh. Best yet, I didn't have any redness or peeling the next day! Still none either! This is a must try product!

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  • Ambitions09 By  Ambitions09    

    This product relieves sunburn without the annoying feeling of actual aloe on your skin. Great to keep in your beach bag.

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  • SabreNinja By  SabreNinja    

    This product makes my skin feel so soft after a day in the sun and the scent is so refreshing. I would totally recommend this product to all my friends.

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  • laceyhodge By  laceyhodge    

    I didn't like the fragrance on this lotion. However, the lotion is amazing! I have super soft skin after using it. It is not too thick either, very nice lotion.

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  • FreakySarai By  FreakySarai    

    i am in love with this product. i recently went to the lake and got a bit sunburned i did use the hawiian tropic sunblock but in the areas i missed i was red but i used the after sun care from hawiian tropic as well and it sooths your skin and leaves it moisturized it smells great!

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  • Spruitt28 By  Spruitt28    

    I love this product. It smells great and it is very moisturizing!!

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  • faerica7 By  faerica7    

    This Product is FANTASTIC!! It Smells wonderful, and best of all is NOT GREASY AT ALL!!! It leaves your skin feeling very hydrated and soft. LOVE IT!!

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    I love their new after sun lotion the mang smell is terrific and getting to try it for free was the best part of all. I will deffinately be recommending all of hawaiian tropics products to my friends family & coworkers. I will also deffinately enjoy passing out the samples and coupons.

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  • itzcj3 By  itzcj3    

    A new favorite lotion of mine! I went to the river and for the entire week I felt great after using this lotion. After such intense sun exposure I was hoping this After Sun lotion would work and it pulled through! The feel of this lotion is luxurious and the smell couldn't be more spot on! The mango scent is heavenly. This product will be a must addition to my bathing necessities!

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  • bubra007 By  bubra007    

    Great product, smells great and goes on easy. Doesn't leave you feeling greasy at all!

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  • rachelu By  rachelu    

    Best after sun lotion I've ever used! It smells great and goes on light enough that you don't feel greasy after putting it on. Great soothing feel and helps to ease the pain of 4 hours in the sun doing yard work! :)

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  • MadreBug By  MadreBug    

    My whole family loves this product! The mango fragrance is refreshing. It goes on smoothly. The Creme Lotion is very soothing without being overly thick.

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  • paramom By  paramom    

    This product had a pleasant fragrance, and a light feeling. It moisturizes and pretty much does what it says it will do. I would buy this product.

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