Gail Becker

Gail Becker

Having the Confidence to Pursue Your Path with CEO of Caulipower, Gail Becker

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 30, 2021

Join us for an inspiring episode with Gail Becker is the Founder and CEO of CAULIPOWER, a company making favorite foods healthier & gluten-free. Her sons’ celiac disease drove her to want to create better options for them and the passing of her father uncovered what she felt she had wanted all along - to be an entrepreneur. Gail left a successful corporate job and launched the brand in 2017 -  with zero food experience. She shares with us how she took the leap and had the strength to keep going even through doubt and the obstacles that come with having your own business. In this episode, you’ll listen to Gail share how you don’t have to know everything, the importance of building a team around you,  not waiting for everything to be perfect in order to follow your path, and why you should bet on yourself.

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