Ditch your Resolution on January 17, 2012

   By Alisonn  Jan 04, 2012

When and where did this idea of New Year's Resolutions come about? The Gregorian calendar begins January 1 marking the beginning of a new year. Around the world New Year's Day is celebrated by way of parties, parades, fireworks, and oh yes, those resolutions.

 It's the perfect opportunity to start fresh, rested, and relaxed. On paper that is. Open up your new un-marked calendar for 2012 and off you go. Every year we all make resolutions to; eat better, exercise more, spend less, clean more, and improve upon some aspect of our self.  What resolution did you make this year? How's it going?  

It is easy to resolve to do all those things by writing them down, or making a contract with yourself. What do you hope to do this year different from last year-make it past the ditch your resolution day?

What makes January 1 different than the other days of the year? The changing of the calendar or the changing of YOU begins that day if you have chosen to make a resolution. Have you made it this far?

There has to be a better way to accomplish these resolutions so by mid-January the resolutions are not blowing away with the cold, icy, snowy, winds of old man winter.

I say ditch your resolutions. Ditch them forever. Just say no. Don't make any more resolutions. Make a lifestyle change. Change something about yourself you aren't happy with. Your looks. Your habits. Your activities. Your actions. Your thoughts. Change you and you change others. The popular resolutions of diet and exercise really only impact yourself, your body. How about helping someone else out?  

Enjoy Ditch your Resolution day. Sail right on by it. Pass go. Keep running, keep peddling. You are home free now.

After all Summer Season is not far away and you know what that means...shorts and bathing suit resolutions!


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